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The Many Uses for Dried Lavender You May Not Know About

You’ll be amazed at how many things you can make and do with dried lavender flowers and buds. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many uses for dried lavender.

how to use dried lavender flowers and buds


You love lavender, and prize the pretty plant for its amazing aromatherapy benefits. But have you ever wondered what to do with dried lavender, aside from tossing the flowers into a vase, and displaying the buds in a striking feature bowl?

There are masses of ideas on how to use dried lavender – and many things you can make and do with it. From eye-catching lavender flower arrangements and wreaths, to beautifully crafted centerpieces and stunningly styled home decor ideas, decorating with dried lavender can turn your house into a haven you’ll love. Best of all? You don’t have to be a decorating whizz. It’s actually very easy.

But dried lavender uses are using dried lavender is not all about home decor – it’s a popular theme for weddings too. There are also a number of inspiring ways to use it for gift-wrapping, homemade cards and party favors. Add in a whole bunch of practical home uses, and you’ll be amazed at just how many things you can do with dried lavender - and wonder why you’ve never tried before…


how to use dried lavender flowers for floral displays

Dried lavender flowers are so gorgeous that you can pretty much display them in any vase or as a free-standing sheath wrapped with satin bow, and they’ll become a simple decor piece all by themselves. The big plus is that, unlike fresh flowers, they’re very low-maintenance – you don’t need any water and they’ll last for many months – often years.

A touch of creativity can however take your lavender flowers from gorgeous to a striking decor display that not only becomes a conversation piece, but with a scent that brings a wonderful sense of calm and serenity anywhere in your home – from your bedroom and living areas to kitchens and bathrooms as well.

Arrange some dried lavender flowers in a white wicker basket or old tin bucket with a stunning statement checked bow. Or create a little bit of light and shade by arranging lavender in a selection of different size and shaped vases, or with other decor pieces.

You can also try a dried lavender bunch tied with a pretty ribbon casually displayed lying on a table next to a bowl full of lavender buds. Otherwise simply hang a bunch upside down near a window or on your front porch which will not only look fabulous but also keep any unwanted bugs at bay. Lavender is a great pest repellent.

A few sprigs of lavender hung on your lampshades or placed on top of the TV will also let off a wonderful scent as they warm up (just avoid any direct heat).


how to use dried lavender flowers and buds with candles

If you’re into lavender crafts, you may want to make your own lavender candles. But there are also many fabulous decor ideas using just basic candles decorated with dried lavender flowers and buds. All it takes is a little hessian and some pretty ribbon or string to secure a few sprigs of dried lavender around a large candle or candle holder.

Otherwise create a mini dried lavender flower wreath to slip around the base of a candle in a candlestick. Or add some floating candles and lavender sprigs to a bowl of water for a stunning centerpiece with a difference. Ideal for outdoor living spaces, dried lavender buds can also be used as a base for a candle in large glass mason jars.


how to use dried lavender flowers for centerpieces

From tea parties to weddings, and for indoor or outdoor dining, an eye-catching dried lavender centerpiece can make for a striking naturally beautiful decoration none of your guests will be able to forget. And the beauty of all of it, it’s so easy…

Start with a selection of glass mason jars or different vase sizes and add on some decorative raffia or sisal if desired. Grab a bunch of dried lavender flowers and casually arrange on their own or mixed with other flowers like white roses or baby’s breath. Place a number of these jars or vases in pretty vintage wire or wooden holders, or even on a block of natural wood. For a little light and shade, mix in wheat sheaves, dried reeds or candles to add more interest, while still keeping it simple and stylish.

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how to use dried lavender flowers home decor

The number of decor ideas for dried lavender bunches and buds are endless – and are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

To get your creative juices flowing, start with display a bunch of dried lavender in a small tin bucket, add in a wire mannequin and vintage candle holder, and you have a beautifully simple and rustic display for your hallway or a bedroom.

Scour your local craft market or plant nursery for an iron balcony pot plant stand, and fill with small bunches of lavender wrapped in textured paper with sisal. Or simply add a few sprigs of lavender to a small wire basket to hang in the shower.

Decorate a hanging wooden heart with a sprig of dried lavender to hang on a closet or bedroom door handle. Create a mock ‘painting’ by bordering a bunch of dried lavender with a beautifully carved wooden picture frame. Or simply string a row of dried lavender bunches on a balcony, in a bathroom or to brighten up a breakfast nook.

how to use dried lavender flowers and buds home decor

Dried lavender bunches and buds can be mixed with other herbs like eucalyptus and rosemary to create an interesting rustic glass jar display feature in your kitchen or outside on the porch. A bunch of lavender and eucalyptus will also release a spa-like scent in the shower as the hot steam rises.

Decorating ideas using dried lavender are endless. Spruce up a simple wicker basket (or any other decor piece) with a pretty sprig of lavender tied with a ribbon bow. Aside from the gorgeous dried lavender door handle decor and wooden framing ideas pictured here, filling glass baubles with dried lavender buds can also add an interesting twist to your Christmas decorations. They will not only look great but smell nice too.


how to use dried lavender flowers for wreaths

If you’ve never made a lavender wreath before, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it can be. Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions.

Once you have the basic idea, the decorating choices are endless. An attractive dried lavender wreath styled with a wicker basket full of lavender on a sophisticated bench can turn the entrance of your house into a welcoming scented home.

Dried lavender wreaths can be big or small, full or delicate, and fashioned into many different shapes and styles. They can be displayed inside or out, in your living room or on your front porch. Smaller wreaths can also be an interesting decor feature in your bedroom or bathroom. The scent of lavender will help you sleep better too.

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how to use dried lavender flowers and buds for weddings

Whether you want to make a grand statement or simply add in a few stylish decor touches, lavender and weddings are a marriage made in heaven. Aside from using dried lavender in your centerpieces, you can include lavender sprigs as part of your menu presentation or table numbers. Add in lavender-filled sachets color coordinated with the overall theme to double-up as decor pieces and pretty yet practical wedding favors.

Using dried lavender bunches wrapped in a striking bow becomes a simple yet sophisticated chair decor for a garden wedding, and can also be used for church pews. A pretty sprig of lavender displayed on the back of all the chairs at the wedding reception also adds a distinctive touch of style. A simple wedding cake can also become an amazing work of art with the addition of dried lavender flowers.

Even if your wedding theme is not lavender, one of the most natural, beautifully scented and eco-friendly choices you can make is to use dried lavender buds as wedding confetti. Wrapped in decorative cones, a big plus point is that they look gorgeous too.


how to use dried lavender flowers and buds for gift wrapping and cards

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, a bridal shower or another other celebration, surprise your friends and family by adding dried lavender flowers and buds to gifts and cards for an attractive personal touch. Tuck a few lavender flowers under your gift bows, glue them to a plain paper package or tie to a gift bag with a pretty ribbon for a simple yet elegant decoration. A personalized sealing wax stamp, some hot wax and a few lavender sprigs will make the ultimate statement on the back of an envelope.

But it doesn’t haven’t to stop there. Scatter dried lavender buds inside as well – into the folds of the tissue paper wrapping or in an envelope for a fragrant lavender confetti surprise opening. Finish with a homemade card embellished with lavender buds fashioned into a heart - or any other emblem - for those you love.

Dry lavender flowers can also be used for inexpensive party favors for a bridal shower or tea party, and even as small gifts for a teacher or grandma. Fill some pretty ready-made organza bags with lavender buds for a quick and easy DIY lavender sachet, or ring the changes with a few dried lavender sprigs in small hessian drawstring bags to freshen up small spaces.

A few sprigs of dried lavender flowers tied with a delicate organza ribbon can also lift your dining table decor – and become a small parting gift for your guests when they leave.

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how to use dried lavender flowers for DIY home crafts

Dry lavender uses go beyond pure aesthetics. Lavender doesn’t just look pretty. It can be handy around your home too. It’s calming and soothing scent will not only improve your mood, but freshen every room, your carpets, laundry, garbage and even your car. Scatter a handful of dried lavender buds onto your carpet before you vacuum or toss into the garbage can to kill bad smells. A dried lavender bunch or a few lavender sachets under the seat or in the trunk of your car will keep it fresh for months.

A potpourri mix of dried lavender buds and rose petals or buds in a beautiful bowl will not only pretty up your home but continue to release a restoring, uplifting scent in your living room, bedroom or bathroom for months. When it fades, simply freshen up with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

If you want to go eco-friendly, toss out the chemicals and switch to lavender dryer bags for naturally fresh-smelling laundry. Either fill organza bags with dried lavender buds, or DIY your own using heat-sealable tea bags – just seal the bag with a hot iron and it’s good for 10 uses.

Lavender sachets filled with dried buds are true little multitaskers. For a non-sew bag, simply place some lavender buds inside a netting or organza fabric circle or square, pull up the edges and tie with string, some ribbon or a rubber band. Slip into your pillowcase to guarantee a good night’s sleep. Tuck into your drawers or hang in your closet for sweet-scented clothes, and to repel moths and other bugs.

A lavender pomander ball is also simple to make, looks great and can be a very personal gift if handmade. The main things you need are a styrofoam ball, lavender buds and some decorative ribbon, tassels or beads to create a stunning masterpiece to hang in your closet or anywhere else in your home. An interesting twist is to string together smaller lavender-coated balls to drape over coat or window rails to act as a natural bug repellent. Or skip the ball and simply fashion a round pomander using dried lavender flowers.

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You’ve now read about some little known uses for dried lavender and you’ve got some amazing ideas and inspiration for dried lavender decor projects and crafts to get started, and before you know it, your home will be transformed into a little lavender heaven. And if you love cooking and baking, lavender is great for that too – but that’s a story for another day…

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