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Lavender Sachets & Gifts Collection

We don’t believe you can ever have too much of a good thing. Especially when the subject has to do with lavender. The real question for us is how else can you enjoy lavender’s wondrous benefits, besides lavender scented candles? Say hello to our lavender sachets and gifts collection.

Lavender Sachets

Enjoy lavender in whichever way works for you with our lavender sachets. Packed for convenience and versatile use, these lavender sachets are good for throwing in your carry-all, medicine cabinet or bathroom cabinet drawers. Prefer to steep them in water and use the lavender water as an air freshener? That works too. 

Perhaps you have been wondering where to buy lavender sachets presented per yard, like your favorite brand herbal tea bags so you can pluck one and use as desired; or as a drawer liner for… well, your drawers? You can end your search right here.

In fact, we have lavender sachets you can hang anywhere you feel the scent could add life - as flower tops to decorate your living areas, and as square and heart-shaped sachets in soft linen fabric.

Lavender Gifts

Our expertly curated and lovingly made lavender themed products make the ultimate gifting items. A thoughtful gifter’s Mecca, we have the perfect lavender gift for every room, mood, and personality. Our lover's lavender gift set with 4 items is a must-try.

Lavender Sleep Masks

One of our favorite lavender products, lavender sleep masks are the answer not just for sweet dreams but for when you really want to sleep like a baby. Instantly calming, the lavender scent will put you to sleep without effort.

Lavender Eye Pillow

The silk covers for our lavender eye pillows have a gentle and luxurious feel to them. Just what you need when looking to steal a power nap during a long day at the office. Know someone who is struggling to adjust to a new routine or job? Why not spoil them with these?