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Sachet and Spa Gifts

Spa Day Gifts

Looking for a way to treat your loved ones? Spa gifts are the next big thing to a spa experience itself. Luxurious spa gifts can be given to make even the fussiest and stressed out person feel bliss and tranquility. We have some ideas for the perfect spa day gifts!

Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets are a great way to give a gift of relaxation and love. It can be used for linens, giving it a fresh scent. And, it will also work in a closet as a natural moth deterrent. It can be pre-packaged and wrapped, perfect to give to your hostess as a gift when you attend parties. They also make a great eco-friendly wedding or party favor. Add a few drops of essential oil to boost the fragrance of the filling. Dried lavender sachets are easy to make, and exude a wonderful smell wherever you may place them.


Eye-pillows are the perfect gift for soothing a horrible headache, for use during yoga and meditation practice, and for an at-home spa treatment. Eye pillows are excellent gifts for anyone at any time of year. Eye-pillows often come in the fragrant scents of lavender, chamomile or lemon balm for extra comfort and relaxation.

Sleep Masks

Sleep mask gift sets will be the perfect package to accompany anyone on their travels or simply just when they need to block out the sunlight and get a little R&R! Sleep masks function much like blackout curtains or shades. They are also loved by many for their cushiony texture and the fact that they are easily adjustable.

Gift Sets and Spa Gifts for Her

What better way to spoil that special woman in your life than with a spa gift? Gift sets with a gorgeous gift box can include heart sachets, candles, bath salt sachets, and butterfly soaps. Hand wrap all of these with a lovely ribbon and bow for a special, personal touch.

Sonoma Lavender Sachets & Spa Gifts

At Sonoma Lavender, we are all about the enjoyment and benefit of treating yourself to a little luxury. Our mission is to bring the relaxing experience of a spa to your home with our handcrafted products. We believe that finding time for a little indulgence and relaxation is a vital part of personal wellness. Our promise is to provide pure, genuine, and authentic ingredients in our products which will stimulate the senses and improve personal wellness.

For the best selection of sachets and spa gifts, perfect to fit any occasion, contact us today!