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Beautiful Lavender Sachets, Sleep Masks, Eye Pillows and other Gifts

Treat yourself or loved ones to handmade gifts filled with the fresh scent of lavender!  One of the longest lasting, natural scents there are, lavender is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come!  Relieves stress and promotes rest and relaxation naturally!


Sachets give the gift of love and relaxation every day!  Place them in a closet as a natural moth repellent.  Refresh a linen closet or drawer.  Tuck one in a suitcase.  Place one near your bed to induce a restful nights sleep.  Refresh by gently squeezing to re-release the oil from the buds.  Our non-staining, pure Lavender Essential Oil may be used, as well.  Add a drop and massage into the sachet then relax!

When choosing gifts for your friends, choose something as unique and special as they are!  Show your love by giving them the gift of lavender!