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Lavender Bath & Body Collection

Lavender oil in your bath? Now that is an idea. It even sounds right without having any idea what benefits you can get from a lavender medicated bath. In case you are wondering, lavender harbors countless benefits for your skin and overall well-being. 

You will be hard-pressed trying to find what configuration lavender isn’t offered in. For bath and body, we believe our lavender products collection is one of the most exhaustive. Shop Sonoma Lavender’s collection below:

  • Lavender Bath Salts
  • Much desired for its cleansing effect, lavender in bath salts can help heal wounds and fight stubborn fungal infections. Offered in a canister or decorative glass jar, no bathroom should ever function without a good supply of our lavender-infused bath salts.

  • Lavender Essential Oil in Your Bath?
  • That you are even considering this makes you one of the few truly initiated ones. Lavender oil dripped and mixed into your bath water is how we would imagine royalty to bathe. 

    Our lavender bath collection goes much deeper than that, though, with our range of lavender bath soap presented in all manner of cute shapes, the all-so-aromatic lavender shower gel, and lavender exfoliating salt scrub. 

    Fancy a lavender bubble bath? You can have that too, but if you want to keep your job you should consider it for your evening soak, not the morning bath.

  • Lavender Body Products
  • Reluctantly pulling yourself from your bathtub, you can still look forward to more lavender TLC for your body, thanks to our range of lavender bath products. Think of lavender body lotion, lavender foot balm, and lavender oil in a glass bottle spray. Or, lavender hand cream for those oh-so-soft hands. And lest we forget, the generously rich lavender massage oil.

    Enough said, shop here.