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Scented Stuffed Animals | Microwavable | Huggable - Sonoma Lavender

Heatable Stuffed Animals

Sonoma Lavender - warm and huggable - scented stuffed animals are the ideal way to say “I love you”. Snuggle up with these irresistible plush animals that offer both warmth and comfort with its natural grain and scented filling! Great for a person of any age, it is the ideal choice as a gift for a loved one, baby and you!

Why Gift Scented Plush Animals?

Whether you choose the scent of lavender or vanilla, the aroma is so relaxing that you just want to cuddle with them! A scented stuffed animal can be a dog, cat, rhino or even a unicorn - depending on the taste and choice of the individual that is being gifted.

Babies and children will definitely enjoy playing with these plush toys! And, they are guaranteed to sleep calmly and peacefully at night with their furry friend by their side. Scented stuffies can be very calming to children. You can add lovely scents to pre-made stuffed animals to make them even more special by using scents like cotton candy, peppermint, chocolate, baby powder, lavender, and so on.

Warmable plush animals can be a unique treat for both the young and the not-quite-so young. Perfect for a cold day, or just when you need some tenderness in your life, it can be warmed in the microwave for a loving embrace.

Plush toys can be more than just toys. Often gifted to kids that need special care and attention, they are specially made to comfort both kids and adults who have to cope with serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, dementia, and depression.

Sonoma Lavender Scented Stuffed Animals

Having begun years ago on a lavender farm in California’s wine country, we use authentic ingredients to stimulate the senses while providing pure relaxation and wellness with our exceptional range of products. We bring the spa to your home.

We have scented stuffed animals for all ages and occasions. For more information, contact us today!