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Heated Luxury Spa Neck Pillows

Stiff and sore necks are common complaints in today’s stressful world and a comfy, heatable neck pillow not only alleviates the symptoms of neck tension, including stiffness, neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches, but also helps to prevent the onset of these conditions by providing soft, yet firm, support for the head and neck.  

Heat or Chill Your Neck Pillow

Melt away your tension with Sonoma Lavender’s range of heated neck pillows. Heat them in the microwave or tumble dryer, or chill them in the freezer, and then apply them to provide rest and comfort for stiff necks after exercise, injury or a bad night’s rest.

Our neck pillows are ergonomically designed to wrap around the neck, sit comfortably on the shoulders and provide pleasant resting support for the head, allowing the neck muscles to relax and recuperate.

Our neck pillows come in a variety of colors and patterns. A further bonus is that their ultra-soft covers can also be removed and washed with your regular laundry. The healing is given an extra dimension with the addition of aromatherapy; each pillow is scented with one of three pleasing scents known to aid relaxation: lavender, eucalyptus, and OceanAire.

Sonoma Lavender’s neck pillows are also the perfect travel companions, providing comfortable rest on those long-haul flights. They also make beautiful gifts. So, go on and indulge yourself or someone close to you with this gift of sheer comfort. You deserve it!

Browse our amazing collection of neck pillows in a variety of scents, colors and patterns.