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Timber Lake Heated Spa Collection

When you think about the relaxing scent of timber lake, you immediately imagine reclining in front of a wood fire in a cozy log cabin. Snow falling softly outside and the fresh mountain air sneaking in through those tiny nooks and crannies. You think about savoring the aroma of subtle sugar pine, frankincense, and myrrh... And, the feeling of complete contentment. 

No need to go on holiday to experience all of the above. Our Timber Lake Heated Spa Collection will take you there at a much more affordable cost! Simply place the scented items into the microwave or tumble dryer for a few seconds - and enjoy!

Currently, our Timber Lake Heated Spa Collection includes:

Neck Pillows:

Perfect for neck support during times of relaxation or while traveling. 

Heat Wraps:

Warm and cozy for anytime comfort. 

Spa Blankies:

The ultimate wintertime companion. 

Spa Masks:

A true ‘me-time’ must-have. 

Spa Footies:

Because your feet deserve plenty of TLC, too!  

Infused with Timber Lake

All of the items from our heated spa collection have been lovingly infused with the rich aroma of timber lake. Whenever and however you choose to relax, whether wrapped up in front of the television in your cozy spa blankie or laying down in a hammock with your spa mask, you will be able to unwind more and more with every single breath you take. 

Product Use and Care

The entire Sonoma Lavender Co. heated spa collection can effortlessly be heated in the microwave or in the tumble dryer. Alternatively, it can be chilled in the freezer - depending on your preferences. Most of the items come with ultra-soft covers that can easily be removed when dirty and placed into the washing machine as normal. 

Interested in learning more about the Timber Lake Heated Spa Collection? Our friendly team is always available to assist. Contact us today!