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Lavender Heatable Spa Pillows, Wraps & More

The lavender heatable spa products are proof that lavender is nothing short of magical. Not only has it been shown to improve sleep quality, uplift the mood and reduce high blood pressure, but it is also known to be a natural way in which to get rid of headaches, indigestion, and more. Here at Sonoma Lavender Co., we have gone out of our way to bring the magic of lavender into your home with our unique products.

Keep Warm and Cozy With The Lavender Heatable Spa Collection

Lavender heated mittens and other heatable spa products are undoubtedly some of our most popular items for sale. They have all been infused with the subtle, yet powerful, scent of lavender and are certain to keep you warm, comforted, and cozy for many years to come.

Some of the lavender heat wraps and heatable spa products in our lovely lavender collection include:

  • Lavender heat pillows
  • Lavender heat packs
  • Lavender heat bags
  • Lavender heat pads
  • Lavender eye masks
  • Lavender heat wraps
  • Lavender heated slippers
  • Lavender heated mittens and gloves
  • Lavender heated neck pillows
  • Lavender heated blankets
  • Lavender heated bolsters and rolls

All of our lavender heated spa products can be heated up effortlessly in the microwave. This means quick and convenient relief from stress, tension, and cold weather whenever you need it. But that is not all! Not only can you heat up our lavender spa products, but you can also chill them in the freezer – the perfect solution for pulled muscles or pain.

The Sonoma Lavender Co. heated lavender collection also comes with many products that have been fitted with an ultra-soft cover that can be easily removed and washed by hand or in the washing machine whenever necessary.

Looking to learn more about the lavender heat wrap and heatable spa collection? Then be sure to contact us today!