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Lavender Stuffed Animals | Microwavable | Huggable - Sonoma Lavender

Thought lavender and play couldn’t possibly coexist? Well, with the lavender stuffed animals in our collection, you can have your daily lavender fix and take a journey back to your childhood without ever feeling awkward about it.

What else can you use these for? Well, no kid we know has ever refused a furry pal. But even alone, minding their own business, our lavender filled stuffed animals can look and (smell) good thrown anywhere around the house. 

Also, use them to decorate your living spaces and for kid-friendly aromatherapy. Microwavable, scented, and made for hugging, our lavender stuffed animals are the perfect sleep companion, keeping you warm on those long winter nights.

Lavender-Scented Stuffed Animals to Melt Any Heart

Good for the parent and great for the little ones, there is a perfect stuffed animal for every member of the family. Well, perhaps dad may be the exception. But, we will not judge if he found one he also liked, and could simply not resist. Take your pick from these:

We were going to add words to try to sell these cuties, but that would be overkill. You pretty much have drawn the picture and are struggling with your thoughts on just which one to pick, and for which member of the family. We wish we could help with that.