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Dried Lavender Botanicals

There are many creative ways to use dried lavender around the house. But, we know you want to know just what this super herb can do for you. Well, you may like that lavender can lift your mood - because we all have the odd day when we just don’t feel our best selves.

Lavender can also soothe pain, help to heal bug bites as well as minor burns. If you have children running around the home, the occasional nasty fall (and wailing cry) is never far off. Not a bad idea then to have a bouquet, sack or canister of dried lavender buds on hand at times. Speaking of that, let’s talk about how you can use dried lavender around your home:

Dried Lavender Bunches

Before sweeping your floors, shake a few buds off of your dried lavender bouquet. Instead of kicking up and choking on the usual small cloud of dust, you will have the calming lavender scent to lighten the chore. 

And, still on the cleaning theme (not that you are remotely concerned with that), but your garbage will smell as good as your house. 

Dried Lavender Buds to Deodorize Your Laundry?

How about a green, natural deodorant for your clothes? Yes, that works, just as good on your conscience as on your clothes. Eh, on your budget, too.

DIY a few small bags with organza fabric and stuff them with dried lavender buds. What you will have are lavender bags you can throw in your clothes dryer for a fresh-smelling laundry deodorizer on the cheap.

Dried Lavender Bulk

Still wondering what to do with dried lavender? Yes, there is still quite a bit you can do with this ancient herb. Infuse some dried lavender flowers with a good mineral oil, and you should have a lavender oil good for many things around the home. You can condition and soften dry skin, ease bug bites, and fight off dandruff. This homemade lavender oil is also effective as a bug repellent.

More Creative Dried Lavender Uses

Yearning to catch some quality zzz’s? Reach for a few of those DIY organza lavender bags you intend to throw into your clothes dryer. Stuff a couple into your pillow and say hello to sweet dreams. Lavender is known to relax your senses, which should help you sleep deeper and more restfully.

There are loads of other fun ways you can use dried lavender in the kitchen, from making tea for soothing headaches and easing anxiety and depression to flavoring beverages and cookies. But, for now, let’s get you started on the few we have discussed here.