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Heatable / Chillable Spa Collection

There is simply nothing more soothing than our spa collection of heatable or chillable wraps, pillows and other goodies.

When warmed in your microwave or tumble dryer, you will find the deep moist heat combined with a soothing fragrance and the weight of natural flaxseed to be an ultimate indulgence. The experience goes far beyond being merely therapeutic into being a truly deserving reward for a hard day's work.  It's your spa at home experience!

And, if the day's weather is too warm, put your favorite spa item in a plastic bag to chill in your freezer for your own personal cooling spa relief sensation.

Available in eight different sizes and configurations and covered in a selection of wonderfully soft microfiber fabrics sourced from the finest mills. Our covers are easily removable and washable.

Our spa collection includes 18" x 45" Blankies; slightly smaller 9" x 26" Heat Wraps; C-shaped Neck Pillows for the shoulder and neck; a Bolster Roll good for neck or lumbar support; and, our 5" x 9" Spa Mask for targeted relief in specific areas. 

The collection also includes Mittens or slipper-like Footies and Booties. For a true at-home spa treatment, massage our soothingly fragrant lavender hand creme or richly moisturizing foot balm into your tired hands and feet; insert them into a plastic bag and then into our heated Mittens, Footies or Booties. Now, simply sit back and relax!