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Heatable / Chillable Spa Collection


After a long day's work, your foot muscles may feel overwhelmed. You need something that can calm the feet and ensure comfort. When your feet feel tired and sore, you can treat them with lavender heatable footies or booties. These footies & booties are designed to allow comfort and ensure your safety when you wear them. 

Warm and Cold Heatable Slippers 

When pain starts to take its toll on your foot, you can soothe yourself with microwave heatable slippers. You can heat our items in a tumble dryer or microwave or even chill them in the freezer to help provide comfort and relief.  They provide a calming scent and moist soothing warmth. The spa footies & booties are available in a range of styles and colors allowing you to choose the ones that you like. You can remove the soft covers for washing to ensure they stay clean. 

Heatable Stuffed Animals

For a warm comforting hug or to have a perfect sleep companion, the lavender heatable stuffed animals are the answer. You can use them to warm up when it’s cold. These stuffed animals are great for the parents and little ones alike. You will have a great time at home with the family when you have the heatable stuffed animals.

When the weather is chilly, you need something that can warm you up. With the range of heatable products from Sonoma Lavender, you are ready to beat the cold.