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About Us

Our Story

We are passionate about the benefits of quality aromatherapy, beginning with the highest quality lavender and luxurious handcrafted products.

Sonoma Lavender was created over 25 years ago on a lush farm nestled in the Sonoma Valley, part of Northern California’s famous wine country. With the majestic Mayacamas Mountains to the east and the serene Sonoma Mountains to the west, our area is not just suited to growing grapes, it’s also perfect for growing rich, fragrant lavender. It’s truly Mother Nature’s own cozy nook.

In this idyllic location, our founders Rebecca and Gary escaped corporate jobs and city life to get back to the land and a more suitable lifestyle. Starting their new business with the first 50 pounds of lavender from their fields, they handmade their products on their kitchen table. As demand grew, they moved the business to their barn and eventually to the workshop where our awesome team of ladies continue to handcraft our many products.

Lavender is known for its magical soothing powers and many remarkable therapeutic benefits. We ensure only the highest grade of lavender and lavender essential oil is used in any of our absolutely amazing lavender products. This dedication to superb quality extends to all our other fragrant products, including refreshing Eucalyptus, fresh crisp OceanAire and woodsy Timber Lake.

We are proud that Sonoma Lavender’s products are now found in some of the best spas and gift shops in the world. And, our business remains motivated by the same dedication to superb quality and connection to nature as when it began. We hope that each of our products tells a story of devotion, authenticity, and the pursuit of aromatherapy perfection.