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Ocean Aire Home Spa Collection....a crisp fresh sea breeze

Turn your home into a luxurious spa with spa gifts items from our OceanAire spa collection, and choose from several luxurious spa items that include mittens, neck pillows, footies, and more. End your week with a relaxing home spa treatment and feel rejuvenated.

Our OceanAire spa collection is all about luxury. We have a selection of original and quality spa gifts for her, as well as more products that you can buy to help promote your personal wellness.

Spa Footies and Booties

You can choose to chill or warm your sore feet by filling the footies with a bag of lavender foot balm for a refreshing feeling at the end of the day. The footies can be heated in a microwave or kept in a freezer for either a hot or cold treatment. 

They are one-size-fits-all, and can fit up to a size 10. The footies and booties are easy to wash. They are a great spa gift idea for a lady who is always on her feet.

Scented Blankie

The thick weighty blankie can be used on the back, stomach, shoulders or legs. Just like with the footies, you can either choose to heat or freeze the blankie for a warm or chilled treatment. 

This OceanAire blankie is scented and soft, providing a refreshing and relaxing feel. These blankies will make an ideal spa gift for her.

Spa Mittens

OceanAire heated mittens are a great addition to your home spa. Whether you want to chill or warm sore hands, or perhaps just give your hands a bit of tender loving care, these scented mittens are perfect for a home spa treatment.

Just like with the rest of our luxurious products, you can choose to warm or chill them in freezer bags. And, they are also very easy to clean.