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Spa Mask Collection for Targeted Relief

A spa mask is an essential aid in helping you tune out the troubles of the world during a spa treatment.  It helps to gently rest your eyes so that you can shut out your worries during your short personal time on the spa bed or chair.

Spa masks also add to the pampering by providing additional warmth or cold, whichever you need. Soft and plush, they rest gently on your eyes and help the troubles of the world melt away as you enjoy your treatment.

Sonoma Lavender’s range of spa masks come in a range of colors and are scented with lavender, eucalyptus or OceanAire. They can be heated in a microwave or chilled in a freezer, and also come with ultra-soft, removable, machine-washable covers.

Measuring 9” by 5”, the masks consist of a soft cloth bag with flax seeds sown into it. The seeds are excellent for retaining heat and cold, and apply an acupressure effect to the face, particularly around the eyes. The overall experience is one of enhanced rejuvenation for both the body and mind. 

Complete your next spa treatment with much-needed eye rest, as well as a touch of comforting warmth or invigorating cold, with a Sonoma Lavender spa mask. They also make the perfect gift and are suitable for travel.

Take a look around our various types of spa masks and pick one to pamper yourself with a scent of your choice.