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Eucalyptus Collection

Lavender dominates conversations here at Sonoma Lavender. It even forms part of our company name. But, if you were to ask which other scent or essential oil we deem good enough to obsess over as much, the answer will be eucalyptus. After lavender, eucalyptus scents are our second most popular line of products, and for good reason.

For thousands of years, eucalyptus has been a staple in preparations for colds, touches of the flu, and other respiratory illnesses, topical treatments for burns and cuts, and air fresheners. Even now research continues over its efficacy for reducing symptoms in diabetes. We believe there should be a eucalyptus product in every household, and for that reason, we have made sure to have it available in every form possible.

Eucalyptus Cleaning Products

Eucalyptus has powerful disinfectant properties. We advise to empty your cleaning product cabinet of all toxic cleaners and, rather, restock with our eucalyptus-based salts, soaps, and essential oil. 100% green, eucalyptus is a great way to pay your debt to the environment.

Our eucalyptus oil in glass spray works just as effectively as a natural sanitizer for your bathing and toilet areas, as it does for dissolving sticky remnants of tape on your furniture and appliances. Add a teaspoonful to a bucket of hot water when deep cleaning floor tiles. The oil also works a treat as an oil stain remover as well as a deodorizer for your shoes, bathroom, and anywhere you need a fresh scent.

Other Products with Eucalyptus

We encourage you to shop our eucalyptus bath & body range as well as our eucalyptus heated spa range. There are plenty of products with eucalyptus to leave your whole house smelling like a giant eucalyptus tree, which isn’t a bad thing at all. If we have to say so ourselves, eucalyptus smells divine.