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Eucalyptus Spa Collection of Pillows, Wraps & More

Our eucalyptus spa collection is the ultimate luxury, with heat wraps, mittens, neck pillows, bolster rolls, spa booties and spa blankies made from such decadent soft fabric you want to cuddle them all day, every day. 

And, who says you have to reserve them for a spa day only? We say touch, smooch, and wear them whenever you feel like it. More practically though, use our eucalyptus heat wraps, neck pillows, and bolster rolls to relieve pain and muscle tension.

Unboxing the Eucalyptus Spa Blankie & Spa Collection

So which products should you sample first from our Sonoma eucalyptus heat wrap and spa collection? Setting aside our own enduring love affair with them, we have heard a lot of good things said about our neck pillows, mittens, booties, footies, blankies, heat wraps... Well, you get the idea.

If you are feeling particularly cold on any given day, simply throw your eucalyptus neck pillow in the microwave or tumble dryer to heat them. In hot weather, place them in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer until they are cool as desired. 

Can I Use Direct Heat Diffuser with Eucalyptus Oil?

This is another question we get asked a lot! The short answer is yes, you can. Do that before bedtime for the ultimate relaxation and restful sleep. In fact, you can do the warm and cool thing with all our Eucalyptus-scented heat wraps, face masks, and blankies. And you know what happens when you warm these beauties, right? 

By heating them you provoke the eucalyptus scent into life, to do all manner of wondrously good things. You can inhale the vapor as a decongestant, and to fight colds and flu. Besides enhancing your spa experience, casually thrown over the shoulder, our eucalyptus heat wraps can ease muscle tension after a hard slog at work.

With our mittens, footies, and booties we encourage you to liberally apply some eucalyptus lotion to those feet and hands before slipping them on. That will loosen those stiff muscles in no time. Did we mention how soft the green ‘cuddle’ fabric is that the covers our eucalyptus heat wrap range are made from? 

And, if you think that’s a lot of green for one spa collection, we also have the booties, neck pillows, and mittens in the equally luxurious silver fox faux fur.

You can enjoy either a reviving warmth or an invigorating chill with our Eucalyptus scented spa blankie. Contact us today to get your own.