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5 Powerful Essential Oils to Help Ease Headaches and Migraines Naturally (And When to Use Them)

A safer and more effective way to get rid of your pain - without medicine… If you’re one of nearly half of the world’s population who suffers from some form of headache, you know how draining they can sometimes be. It doesn’t matter if these are tension headaches (the most common), migraines, sinus headaches, hormonal headaches or even a hangover headache, there are often very few things which can help… You can lie down for a while and hope it passes, or drink lots of water (maybe you’re dehydrated?). However, most of us just pop a pill and hope the pain will go away – and fast. But what if you could get rid of a headache naturally – without...

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10 Special ways to pamper your mom this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day might be a month away, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning now. This special day only comes once a year, allowing you to appreciate and pamper your beloved mother, because in your life she is that special! So, make this a particularly special one with as much treating and pampering as you can fit into a single day! Here are ten suggestions to help you show your mom plenty of love and appreciation. By doing some or even all of these, you are sure to make this Mother’s Day a truly unforgettable one.  1. Give Her the Ultimate Spa Experience revise  A spa visit is the ultimate way to spoil oneself or someone you love....

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