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Lavender Varieties and How to Grow Them at Home

The rich scent of lavender is not only pleasantly intoxicating – it can have a tremendously positive effect on your overall mood and health. Are you interested in learning about the many different lavender varieties out there as well as how to successfully grow them yourself? Perhaps you are in search of more information regarding the creation of organic lavender products? Either way, here is everything that you need to know.

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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas: Unique Spa Inspired Treats Specially for Her

Looking for a unique Christmas gift idea to spoil all those wonderful women in your life? Try a luxurious spa pampering gift as a special treat for her, whether she’s your wife, mom, sister, grandma, a favorite teacher, best friend, a fitness fanatic or just beauty obsessed...

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Why Lavender Gifts Make the Perfect Christmas Present!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts to spoil your loved ones? Perhaps a gift that is a real pleasure for all the senses? If so, look no further than Lavender and lavender-scented gifts. This versatile herb is not only well-known for its healing properties and soothing fragrance, but it also looks beautiful when planted or presented as a gift...

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