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Probably The Best Natural Pain Relief – For Almost Anything

Combining two of the strongest natural pain killers with hot and cold therapy may arguably be the best home pain remedy you need…

Probably The Best Natural Pain Relief – For Almost Anything

Chances are that if you’ve heard about the benefits of flaxseed, it’s been all about its very impressive health perks. Packed with fiber and protein, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, adding flaxseeds to your diet has been found to support heart health, blood sugar control, weight loss - and even help fight cancer.

But did you know that flaxseeds are also natural pain killers? But in this case, you don’t have to eat them. Instead, their pain relief benefits come from using flaxseeds as an integral part of hot and cold therapy treatment.

Packed inside a heating pad or covers for neck pillows that are either warmed or cooled, flaxseeds have this amazing ability to ease almost any type of pain or inflammation you may be suffering from. Add in the natural healing benefits of lavender oils, and you have a powerful pain relief match made in heaven.

So instead of popping a pill every time you experience any aches and pains, maybe it’s time to turn to two of the strongest natural pain relief alternatives. Thanks to their highly effective anti-inflammatory properties, here’s why both the flaxseeds and essential oils found in Sonoma Lavender’s neck pillows, heat wraps, eye masks and other healing spa products could be your savior…

1. Natural Pain Relief

When heated, flaxseeds release what is known as moist heat. This has the remarkable ability to penetrate deep in the body to naturally relieve pain and inflammation caused by everything from sprained muscles, stiff joints, headaches, swelling and menstrual cramps - even arthritis.

The three different types of omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseeds are also well-known for their relaxing, soothing and pain-relieving properties. Just heat, and these all-natural ingredients will help get rid of the pain - no medications needed…

2. Moist Heat Therapy

Unlike the dry heat generated by electric heating pads and infrared heat lamps, the moist heat released by flaxseeds is able to work a lot faster and deeper, penetrating right through the skin and muscle – so is able to directly target the source of your pain.

In fact, a clinical study even found that the greatest – and fastest – pain reduction was shown after immediate application of moist heat compared to dry heat. Moist heat pads help by increasing blood flow to not only ease stiff joints but also reduce muscle pain and spasms. It even helps cut down tissue damage following exercise.

Sonoma Lavender Spa Heat Wrap Neck Pillow and Eye Mask

3. Long-Lasting Heat and Cold Therapy

Originating from the plant’s flower, flaxseeds are made up of 30-40% oil that not only holds heat longer, but also retains moisture and doesn’t evaporate over time - unlike other filler grains like rice or corn (that contain mostly water).

As heat is prolonged and only released gradually, flaxseeds are much better at helping relax sore muscles and so promote faster recovery. Flaxseed moist heat pads can hold heat for up to an hour so allowing them time to deeply penetrate and relieve those aching muscles. An added plus is that they can be heated up again and again without losing efficacy.

You can also toss flaxseed pads into the freezer to use as a cold compress for acute injuries like fractures, knee injuries, and muscle sprains and strains, as well as calm and natural ways to lower fever. Chilled flaxseed eye pillows even help reduce puffy eyes. Unlike ice or gel packs which melt quickly, these last for about 30 minutes.

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4. Flexibility and Versatility

Flaxseed heating pads are incredibly flexible and versatile enough to be used pretty much anywhere. Unlike some other fillers, the small size and smooth shape of flaxseeds allow the pads to fit snugly all over your body - including the hard-to-reach parts.

They can easily be shaped to fit the neck, shoulders, back, stomach, knees, or any other area that needs heat or cold therapy. The highly flexible properties of a flaxseed pad allow it to be easily molded and tucked in to follow the contours of the body, so allowing for the most effective heat distribution and maximum comfort.

5. Added Benefits of Essential Oils

By adding in the power of essential oils, Sonoma Lavender takes the natural healing process one step further. Including aromatherapy oils such as lavender and eucalyptus actually doubles up on the healing benefits of flaxseed heat and cold therapy. Both of these therapies are highly effective anti-inflammatories and pain relievers.

The big plus is that essential oils not only help your body but also your mind. Aside from helping reduce any pain, inflammation and swelling, the calming aroma of essential oils can help you relax, sleep better, reduce stress, and even lift your mood.

Sonoma Lavender Spa Blankie Booties and Heat Wrap

6. Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective

Instead of relying on electricity to constantly charge your heating pad, or using disposable heat or cold packs that you have to toss away, heating pads including flaxseed, a natural renewable resource, are a far more eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

They can be reheated in the microwave multiple times, and last much longer than electric heating pads, allowing you to not only save on long-term costs but also help save the environment.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic aches and pains, or an acute injury, the benefits of heat and cold therapy are indisputable.

Add in the healing powers of both flaxseed and essential oils included in Sonoma Lavender’s spa products, and you have two powerful natural anti-inflammatories for the ultimate in pain relief.

It’s by far one of the best lavender oils for pain. Even better, it’s all-natural and environmentally friendly…

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Please check with your doctor before using essential oils to treat any medical concerns.

For more information on how to use essential oils safely and effectively, please consult our handy guide.

There's a difference between lavender essential oil or lavender oil, which is simply a perfume. If a label does not clearly state that it is an 'essential oil,' then it is not a pure oil and should not be used as suggested.

Essential oils are highly concentrated so please use caution when applying directly on the skin because this can cause irritation. Be sure to patch test on the inside of your upper arm beforehand.