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Lavender Candles & Other Home Accents Products

Go beyond decorating for form and function, and step into the realm of decorating to indulge the senses and create an instantly distinctive ambiance and feel to your space with our range of lavender candles and other accent products.

When you decorate and furnish your space with lavender-colored and scented accent pieces, you are doing more than just decorating. You are decorating while harnessing all of the lavender’s great therapeutic qualities. 

Lavender Candles

Our lavender candles are a great way to layer lighting in your space. Their gentle, flickering glow is also perfect for days when the light from the overhead bulb is just too bright. More than that, our lavender-scented candles will give off a calming scent that will ease anxiety and relax your mind after a long day at the office.

Are you on a quest to find the best lavender candles available, which are presented differently than the standard candlestick and that you can use to create home accents truly your own? You are going to love our selection of lavender-scented candles:

  • Lavender-Scented Soy Votive Candles
  • Simple, yet oh so elegant, our lavender soy votive candles will look at home in any entry hall. They engender feelings of home that will immediately relax and put your visitors at ease.

  • Lavender-Scented Ivory and Lilac Candles in Decorative Glass
  • You will be forgiven for buying these lavender-scented ivory candles in a decorative glass just for the sake of the gorgeous glass they come in. Well, that’s precisely why they are presented this way; to add that wow factor to your space, while infusing your interiors with the soothing lavender smell.

  • Lavender Linen Water
  • Harmonize your home’s entire decor by taking the lavender theme right through to the bedrooms. A gentle spray of this lavender linen water on the bedsheets could be the difference between a night spent tossing and turning and the deepest, most restful sleep. Your guests will thank you.