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Weighty Spa Blankies

Sometimes a calming warmth and soothing scent are all you need to ease your achy, tired muscles. A heatable weighty blankie provides all of these elements in a soft and inviting package.

Sonoma Lavender’s weighty blankies can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer. They can even be chilled in the freezer if a cold treatment is needed, and then applied to stiff and tense muscles in the legs, back, shoulders or stomach. The combination of either heat or cold ultra-softness and weight provides the perfect, relaxing balm for sore muscles.

After a long day of overwork or the strain of physical activity, the weight, warmth, and pleasing scent of our blankies will wrap you in a soothing cocoon of calm and rejuvenation.

Each weighty blankie measures 18” by 45” and weighs over four pounds. They come in a range of colors and styles, including Arctic Circle Faux Fur, Valencia, Grapemist Cuddle, and Platinum Angora. And, they are also scented in a choice of eucalyptus, lavender, Timber Lake, and Ocean Aire, all known for their therapeutic properties. 

The care and cleaning of your weighty blankies could not be easier. The ultra-soft covers can be easily removed and washed with your everyday laundry.

Go on and pamper yourself or someone close to you with the gift of luxurious warmth and calming scents. Browse our range of lovingly created weighty blankies.