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Eucalyptus Spa Blankie - Jade Dot
Eucalyptus Spa Blankie - Jade Dot

Eucalyptus Spa Blankie - Jade Dot

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Soothe achy tired muscles with the Revitalizing Eucalyptus scent and moist warmth of our weighty Blankie. The ultimate relaxation treat. Use our weighty Blankie over the shoulder, back, legs or stomach. Heat in the microwave or tumble dryer; or chill in the freezer! 18" wide & 45" long and weighing over 4 pounds. The ultra-soft cover can be removed and thrown into the wash.  EU3096 / 640239020105

How to warm?  30 second increments on a rotating carousel.  Do not exceed two minutes.  They may also be warmed in a tumble dryer 3-4 minutes.  Cover may stay on either way. 

How to refresh?  Our 100% pure, eucalyptus, Essential Oil is a perfect addition to your purchase.  Add a couple of drops to the insert and massage in.  We offer it in a 10ml bottle or a 30ml glass spray bottle:

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