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Lavender Products Collection


Lavender brings you a range of products from heatable spa products to lavender oil to neck roll pillows. Each of these products are designed to ensure safety in use and allow the body to recuperate. Lavender products are also scented to give you the nice scent you want.

Keeping Warm with Heatable Spa

Lavender has a series of heatable spa products including heat bags, heat pillows, heat wraps, and heated mittens and gloves, as well as heated bolsters. You can easily heat these products in a microwave before placing them on the body part you want. The heating helps provide quick and convenient relief against tension, stress, and cold weather. Besides, you can also chill the products in a freezer to help with pulled muscles and pain. 

Bath Salts and Oil

To help with the skin, you can use the lavender oil and bath salts. The Lavender bath products are ideal for bathing and will provide you with the healing and boosting of skin health. The salts are desired for cleansing and they can help heal wounds and fight fungal infections. When used in bath water, lavender oil helps enhance the health of the skin. 

Lavender Sleep Products for Improved Sleep

Having good sleep can help improve your health. The sleeping position of the neck and lumber or knees can affect your health. You may experience pain when you sleep in bad posture. Luckily, there are Lavender sleep products that you can use such as lavender neck pillow and spa robes to help enhance your sleep.  They are designed to be comfortable. The neck pillows work on the neck and lumber to reduce pain. 

Lavender has a huge collection of products that you can use for every other daily use at home. Whether you want something for bathing or soothing the skin or something to help prevent pain, you can find one that suits your needs. There are also Lavender cleaning products that you can use.