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Neck Roll Pillow for Neck & Lumbar Positioning

Neck and spine pain can occur when you don’t position the body parts in the right way. The pain can be difficult to contain when you don’t consider working out the position of the neck. In order to ensure that you prevent the pain, you can use neck roll pillows. A good resting posture allows the spine to remain in its ideal neutral position. The pain-causing agitation arising from nerves, muscles, and discs is prevented meaning you have consistent and comfortable rest. A decorative neck roll pillow can provide support for the neck, knees, and lumber. They keep the bits and pieces within the spine in an ideal position to prevent pain. 

Neck Roll Pillow Filling

There are many kinds of fillings used to fill the neck rolls. When choosing the fillings, you need to avoid the traditional ones that are soft, compressible pieces. This is because they can collapse easily under the weight of the body. Fiberfills for example, tend to lose their loft becoming too thin to offer support.  You need to choose a material that can provide a better, comfortable rest. The filling should not cause discomfort when using your cervical neck roll pillow.

Heat and Chill

In addition to supporting the neck or the lumbar, you can also heat and chill the neck roll providing an extra pain removal property. You can heat the roll in a microwave or even in a tumble dryer and place it on the pain. The heat can help in relieving pain. Similarly, you can chill the roll in the freezer and place it behind the sore neck to help relieve the pain. 

Choose a material that is supportive, moves, and shifts and does not compress under pressure as you would find with soft pillow fillings. Ensure that the neck roll pillow material eliminates stress and pressure points and it cradles the neck and head comfortably and consistently. In addition, choose one that is breathable so that it remains cool and dry.