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Treat Your Sore Tired Feet With Sonoma Lavender’s Bootie Slippers

Luxurious warmth, soft comfort, and calming scents are what Sonoma Lavender’s spa bootie slippers provide– and they are all you need to treat sore, tired feet! 

Our spa booties can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer or chilled in the freezer to provide sustained comfort and relief to overworked foot muscles. You can use them on their own or in combination with one of our soothing foot balms. They make it that much better to put your feet up after a long day.

Sonoma Lavender spa booties come in a range of colors and styles, including Arctic Circle Faux Fur, Lilac Dot, Plata Silver, Ibiza, and Angora. The luxuriously soft covers can easily be removed and washed with any ordinary load of laundry.

Scented Bootie Slippers

Aroma is an important part of the spa experience, so our booties also come in a choice of two pleasing scents – lavender and eucalyptus – each of which is known for its therapeutic properties. 

Sonoma Lavender bootie slippers make for the best, easiest, and most cost-effective foot spa treatments you will ever find. If you are someone who spends long periods of time on your feet, then why not go on and spoil yourself with a pair? They also make an excellent gift for a special lady in your life

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