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Let the Holidays Begin: 7 Tips for Christmas Shopping

7 Christmas shopping tips

Christmas shopping can be stressful. These Christmas shopping tips can help you get through the crowds and find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We hope these tips not only help you spoil your loved ones but also inspire them to focus on their wellness - keeping them healthy and happy for many Christmases to come!

Maximize Black Friday Deal Hunting

Holiday shopping can sometimes cost a fortune. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year with the best deals online and in-store for one day only (sometimes two). Taking advantage of this day is essential for completing your holiday purchases. You can grab beautiful gifts for your loved ones within your budget on this day. A bonus for you is the money you save, which can be used for future birthday gifts or a Christmas dinner.

Don’t forget to be smart when doing your Black Friday shopping. Purchase only from reputable websites and be cautious of emailers from unknown addresses. The best way to prepare when purchasing Black Friday deals is to do your research online before arriving at a store. If you can’t grab what you need on Black Friday, look to online stores on the following Monday as many dealers utilize Cyber Monday deals.

Have a Plan and Have a Budget

Christmas time is when people spend more than they can afford and as a result, they struggle to pay monthly expenses in January. The best way to prevent putting yourself in a pinch is to draw up a shopping plan and stick to your budget. Write up a list of your income and expenses, and plan what shopping you need to be done beforehand. Research different stores, deals, and ways you can save money.

Some stores offer discounts, promo codes, buy 1, get 1 free deals or free shipping on several items which is a great way to save some cash. (Sonoma Lavender has free shipping for orders exceeding $50.00). Budgeting and planning ahead will help you to reduce the amount you will spend on gifts and purchases, and also ensure that you don’t forget to gift anyone.

Don’t Be in a Hurry

Is this a good time to purchase the item or should you wait until a sale? You probably want to get your shopping over and done with as soon as possible but sometimes the best deals are worth waiting for. Some retailers tend to bring up their prices during the Christmas seasons due to the increase in foot traffic. Before you settle on the first price you find, check the internet or use price checkers to look for past prices and the best deals. Online shopping is often the best option as you can browse the website whenever you wish, do your research and budgeting and come back to your cart when you are ready and happy to “checkout” your items. Shopping online is also useful when it comes to saving money as you won’t be tempted to make off-list purchases or unnecessary items which you will if you were at a store.

As we mentioned, Cyber Monday is also a reason why you should not rush and grab every item you see from Black Friday deals. Most items that don’t go on sale on Black Friday will often be up for grabs on the following Monday. You can also take some time to collect coupons and discounts, which are often sent out during the festive season, and go to a store or online store when you’re ready to purchase.

Ask for Help

You are not the only person who is going to need help with budgeting during festive shopping. The best way to get all your shopping done within your budget and time frame is to not be afraid to ask for help. Let your friends and family know that you are trying to budget and that you need help. A “secret Santa” or capping gifts at a certain amount are options you can use to ensure that everyone can celebrate the season without “breaking the bank”.

Many banks offer personal bankers who you can talk to about your finances. If needed, you can open savings accounts specifically for the festive season (a holiday fund). You can utilize this service to help you budget and save for your holiday shopping. Some stores have websites and blogs with useful tips on holiday shopping that can help you out.

Shop at the Right Time or Shop Online

The festive season is the busiest time of year. Weekends are particularly crowded, as well as the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Avoid the crowds by shopping during the weekdays, during your lunch break, or after work. Try getting someone available during this time to help you out. If you are purchasing from online stores, be sure to factor in time for shipping. Don’t leave it for the last minute as delivery delays can occur (due to the increase in online orders during this time of year). Be sure to check how long your gift will take to be delivered and try to shop earlier to avoid delays.

Give Experiences, Not Stuff

Material gifts are great, but experiences last a lifetime. Send your loved ones to a much-needed spa day or holiday is a memorable way to show your appreciation for them. An alternative for busy people would be to provide them with spa items to pamper themselves whenever they choose to. Gift cards for relaxation and spa days are also a lovely choice for those on the move or for people to destress after the holiday season. If you want to spoil your loved ones, you can invest in a vacation, along with gifts.

Consider Gift Cards

As we mentioned, gift cards to spa days are an excellent way to pamper your loved ones. Gift cards in general are convenient and versatile. It eliminates the need for shopping during this hectic time of year, as well as reduces the stress on you to think of and find the perfect gift. Recipients love the freedom to buy what they choose and with a gift card, they often have months or even years to use it. Some gift cards like the Sonoma Lavender relaxation gift card have no expiry date and are available in denominations (from $25.00 to $125.00), to suit everyone’s budget and timeframe.

Be sure to refer to Sonoma Lavender for more Christmas shopping tips this holiday season. We understand how stressful the holidays can be and we’re here to help you by providing you with a choice of elegant and affordable gifts. Whether you need lavender relaxation gift cards for your loved ones, luxurious spa hampers for your hard-working coworkers, or a pampering gift for that special someone, you can find it on our 24/7 online store. Be sure to check out our website regularly for deals on Christmas gifts or sign up for our mailer.

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