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Luxury Spa Gift Sets: 18 Gorgeous Self-Care Treats She'll Absolutely Adore

Because we all need a little pampering…

luxury spa gift sets sonoma lavender

A pampering spa day is the ultimate in self-care bliss, but most of us can rarely make it happen often enough to count. But what if you could recreate the spa experience for yourself or someone special at home instead? Our collection of luxurious aromatherapy spa gift baskets are gorgeous self-care gifts that come with all the spa products and goodies you need to bliss-out at home.

From relaxing bath-time and body care gift ideas to pampering hand and foot spa kits and a whole bunch of luxury spa gift sets for lavender lovers, you are sure to find the perfect me-time present for that special woman who deserves some spoiling. And while you’re at it, why not spoil yourself too…


lavender love home spa gift sets to pamper someone special

Designed to soothe tired eyes and ease frazzled nerves, the trio of pampering products in this eye treatment spa gift set to help those permanently on-the-go women in your life to relax and unwind.

Filled to the brim with soothing lavender aromatherapy, the kit contains a calming soy candle, 100% pure lavender essential oil to dot onto the temples, and a deluxe faux fur lavender-filled spa mask that can be heated or cooled. It not only provides sweet relief for the eyes, but also quietens a busy mind.

🎁 Buy It Here: The Eyes Have It - Lavender Eye Treatment Kit With Spa Mask $49.95

A luxury buy at an affordable price, it’s not surprising that this delightfully appealing lavender treatment spa gift set is a best seller.

Beautifully packaged in a lavender gift box with an attractive bow, this set contains two bars of deliciously creamy hand-poured, hand-cut olive and lavender oil soap, a 20-hour lavender soy candle and a pretty lavender sachet. A gorgeous gift for any lavender lover in your life.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Treatment Gift Set $24.95

This beautifully presented four-piece lavender bath and body spa gift set provides everything needed to get healthy glowing skin at home.

Few things will make your BFF (or you) happier than soaking in lavender infused bath salts while relaxing with a calming lavender candle, followed by moisturizing with a rich, velvety hand crème and foot balm to deeply nourish the skin. Consider this luxurious treat the definition of self-care.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender BFF At-Home Spa Kit $66.95


sleeping beauty spa gift sets to pamper someone special

Give her the gift of deep restful sleep. A relaxing lavender aromatherapy bath followed by a good night’s beauty sleep will stop stress in its tracks and help her drift off so she can start each new day with a fully refreshed body and mind.

For a long relaxing soak in the tub, the lavender bath salts and soap, while a lavender eye pillow and sachet will create a calming sleep oasis in her bedroom. The perfect gift set for those who struggle with sleep.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Sweet Dreams Gift Set $37.95

This product-packed luxurious lavender bedtime ritual spa gift set is custom-made for the person on your shopping list who takes sleeping very seriously.

It features a generous mix of relaxing, sleep-inducing essentials including a calming lavender linen water, a gently fragranced soy candle, a beautifully embroidered lavender-filled sleep mask as well as a 100% pure lavender essential oil to inhale before drifting off into a deep relaxing slumber. An extra special spoil for those who love their sleep.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Bedtime Ritual At-Home Spa Kit $66.95

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hand and foot pampering spa gift sets to pamper someone special

If she’s into self-care Sundays then she’s going to love this gift. A pampering at home spa day calls for an all-over body exfoliation session, ultra-comfy clothes and her favorite face mask – and some extra-special TLC for her hands.

With this aromatherapy hand treatment spa gift set, she can give her dry, overused hands all the attention they need. All it takes is a generous slather of the luxurious hand crème and slipping on the heated spa mittens to allow the skin-loving qualities of lavender to work their magic. Adding in a spritz of calming lavender spray mist helps her slip into total relaxation mode. The ultimate self-care treat.

Choose between two gorgeous options for the spa mittens - either lilac dot plush or arctic circle faux fur.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Hand Treatment Kit With Spa Mittens in Lilac Dot or Arctic Circle $87.95

If you’re looking for a pretty little celebratory gift, this cute-looking bow-wrapped hand treatment spa gift set duo is guaranteed to make her feel extra special.

Inside she will find a two-step lavender aromatherapy remedy for hands that are suffering from dry winter skin woes - a luxuriously rich lavender hand crème coupled with the moist heat of super-soft spa mittens. A generous buy at an affordable price point.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Spa Mitten/Hand Crème Gift Set in Lilac Dot $57.50

This foot treatment spa gift set has everything that will make dry, sore feet look and feel super-soft, smooth and comfortable.

Start with a gentle lavender salt scrub to exfoliate, moisturize and detox. Follow with a liberal dose of lavender foot balm and then slip feet into plush spa footies warmed in the microwave to reap the benefits of both moist heat and soothing, skin-loving lavender. A spritz of lavender spray mist completes the ultimate relaxing pampering treat. A thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a little foot love.

Available with two lavender footie options, either lilac dot plush or arctic circle faux fur.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Restful Sole Foot Treatment Kit With Spa Footies in Lilac Dot or Arctic Circle $139.95

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luxury bathing spa gift sets to pamper someone special

Know someone who needs a little mental vacation? A hot bath can help both relax the body and ease the mind. Adding calming lavender to her bath-time relaxation ritual takes it one step further.

This product-packed white wicker spa gift basket contains a whole bunch of soothing lavender goodies to help melt away her stress - a nourishingly rich bath-shower gel, a gentle bath puff, a lavender spa mask, a creamy lavender body lotion and a soothing lavender soy candle. She'll not only step out of the tub with baby-soft skin, but with a renewed sense of calm.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Bath Butler Kit $69.95

If a special woman in your life feels bath time is too sacred to use products that don’t make that her feel sensational, this exclusive six-piece deluxe spa gift basket is custom-made for her.

A stunning gift of lavender favorites that features a generous mix of bath-time luxuries, including a nourishing shower gel and a gentle bath puff, a heatable spa mask for tired eyes, and for the senses, a calming lavender spray mist and soy candle to soothe the soul. And after, a creamy lavender-scented body lotion will prolong her skin’s subtle dewy sheen. When you care enough to give her the very best.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Bath Butler Premium Gift Basket $112.50

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little treasure trove spa gift sets to pamper someone special

Envelop her senses with a novelty take-out gift box of scented goodies that will take her from bath to bedtime in a state of self-indulgent spa pampering pleasure. Comes with 4 little treasures – sweet-smelling bath salts and a cute soap for a soak in the tub, along with an aromatic soy candle and organza sachet to permeate her bedroom with a scent she’ll love.

A perfect gift for a teacher, teenage girl or anyone who loves little moments of bliss. Choose between relaxing lavender, invigorating eucalyptus, refreshing OceanAire or woodsy Timber Lake scents. They’re fabulous value for you too!

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Take-Out Gift Box With 4 Treasures $22.95

🎁 Buy It Here: Eucalyptus Take-Out Gift Box With 4 Treasures $22.95

🎁 Buy It Here: OceanAire Take-Out Gift Box With 4 Treasures $22.95

🎁 Buy It Here: Timber Lake Take-Out Gift Box With 4 Treasures $22.95

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shower ritual spa gift sets to pamper someone special

This best-selling duo of nourishing spa body products features a luxurious lavender shower gel that softens skin while it cleanses and conditions. After patting dry, the lavishly creamy body lotion will pamper dull, dehydrated skin leaving behind a lingering sense of luxury. A perfect spa gift set for the lavender lover in your life!

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Shower Ritual Gift Set With Shower Gel And Body Lotion $34.95

Gift her luxurious and glowing skin with this trio of skin care goodies. Buff away the dry, flaky skin blues with a lavender salt scrub that exfoliates, moisturizes and detoxes in one exhilarating treatment. Step under the spray with lavender shower gel for a refreshing and nourishing cleanse.

Finish off with lavender body lotion, and her skin will be well nourished, restored and ready for the day. Just what every woman needs to make her skin glimmer and glow.

🎁 Buy It Here: Lavender Body Glow Treatment Kit $55.95


luxury soap spa gift sets to pamper someone special

Our best-selling dreamy creamy lathering soaps are a triple treat: they’re infused with skin-loving lavender essential oil that smells heavenly, the packaging is gorgeous, and they’re made with anti-oxidant rich olive, coconut, and grapeseed oils.

These luxurious hand-poured and hand cut spa soaps may be all wrapped up like a present, but the real gift is what they’ll do to moisturize and nourish dull, tired skin. Creamy, fragrant and ultra-nourishing.

🎁 Buy It Here: Trio Of Lavender Soaps $22.95

Gift a little playfulness with style. Anyone with a sense of fun will love to add these dragonfly and frog shaped guest soaps to their bathroom. Infused with skin-loving coconut and eucalyptus essential oils and beautifully wrapped in tulle and a bow, DIY a mini gift basket with a selection of both to bring a smile to her face.

🎁 Buy It Here: Fun Eucalyptus Guest Soaps – Available in Dragonfly or Frog $7.95

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