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5 Heatable Spa Products to Add Luxury and Relaxation to Your Everyday Routine

Heatable Spa Products

If you are anything like everyone else around the world, you probably have a routine filled with rushing, tight deadlines, and unforgiving to-do lists. In short, you have a lot on your plate and probably struggle with stress and anxiety on a regular basis. Looking for a reprieve? The secret to managing the stress that comes with living in today’s society is enjoying some all-important me-time each and every day – even if it is just 15 minutes that you set aside for yourself. 

One of the best ways to rejuvenate an exhausted body and mind is to put your feet up, read a book, catch up on your favorite series or just close your eyes and relax. The range of heatable spa products from Sonoma Lavender Co. is sure to help you do just that. 

Not only can these spa products be heated quickly in the microwave or tumble dryer to provide warm, cozy relief all year round, but they have also been enriched with the most beautiful, relaxing aromas to aid in calming your nerves and ensuring that your stress melts away. 

Below, we highlight 5 of our best-loved heatable spa products that we are certain you will fall in love with too!

Calming Lavender Neck Pillow

Our calming lavender neck pillow is undoubtedly our most popular product in the heatable spa collection. The calming lavender neck pillow is a special pillow that has been designed to be worn around the neck, while resting on the shoulders. The pillow provides strong support for the delicate vertebrae and can assist in reducing neck pain and headaches – especially neck pain and headaches that are brought about by tension. 

You can heat the calming lavender neck pillow for a couple minutes in the microwave or the tumble dryer, or choose to chill it in the freezer for fast relief during the summer months. Each calming lavender neck pillow comes with an ultra-soft cover that can be easily removed when washing is necessary. It also comes in a number of lovely designs including in a charming lilac dot fabric and an off-white Arctic Circle faux fur.

The neck pillows are also available in eucalyptus, Timber Lake(think of sugar pine), and OceanAire(think of an ocean breeze) scents. 

Comforting Heat Wraps

When you are looking for a full-body spa experience, our heat wraps are the products to turn to. They have been specially created to help soothe and relax your body and mind and are available in our four gorgeous scents – lavender, Timber Lake, OceanAire, and eucalyptus. 

Just like our calming heat pillows, our heat wraps can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer, or chilled in the freezer. Wrap them around your shoulders or use them to target specific areas of the body, such as a sprained ankle or sore biceps after a tough gym session. 

Cozy Heated Slippers

Your feet are the most prone to feeling the cold, so there is nothing more comforting than being able to keep them warm and toasty in heated slippers. Here at Sonoma Lavender Co., we stock two different types of heated slippers: 

  • Booties:

Our booties are available in lavender and eucalyptus scents and can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer.

  • Footies

Our footies are available in lavender, eucalyptus and OceanAire scents. 

If you prefer full coverage, then our booties are a great choice. However, if you are looking for something simpler, then you will love our versatile footies. 

Make the most of our heated slippers by applying some of our scented foot balm to your feet, placing them into a plastic bag and then inserting into your warm booties or footies.  

Heated Spa Masks

Tired eyes? Irritated eyes? Dark circles? No matter the complaint, our heated spa masks will provide instant relief and luxury. One of the reasons why our customers love our heated spa mask collection is because they are extremely versatile products. Not only can they be placed over the eyes, but they can also be chilled and placed over the forehead in order to help reduce a fever. They can also be heated or chilled (whichever you prefer) and be used to place on strains and sprains anywhere on the body. 

Our heated spa masks are available in lavender, eucalyptus, and OceanAire scents. They are 5" wide and 9" long and weigh approximately 10 ounces, making them super lightweight and great for travel.

Heated Mittens

There is nothing quite like icy cold hands or sore achy hands to bring down your mood! Now you can soothe your fingers and hands at all times in the heated mittens. These heated mittens are as gorgeous as they are functional. They can be bought in various fabric choices and two lovely scents: lavender and eucalyptus. 

If you are really ready for some serious luxurious pampering, we recommend applying a generous amount of our hand creme to your hands, wrapping them up in plastic bags for maximum absorption, and then slotting them into your heated mittens. Leave them on for as long as you like and you are sure to notice softer, more youthful-looking hands in no time! 

As with all of our heated spa products, our heated mittens also come with an ultra-soft removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine as often as is necessary. 

Other Heated Spa Products

While these are some of our most popular heated spa products, they certainly are not the only ones that you can buy at Sonoma Lavender Co.! Our heated spa collection also features heatable weighted blankets and heatable neck rolls/bolsters. Purchase every item from the collection and you will feel as though you have your very own spa right at home. You will be ready to maximize your me-time whenever the mood takes you!

For more information about the incredible scented products for sale online at Sonoma Lavender Co., including bath and body essentials, botanicals, home accents and decor, sachets and gifts, luxurious spa robes and fragrant stuffed animals for kids, be sure to visit