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Lavender Spa Mask- Elderberry

Lavender Spa Mask- Elderberry

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Relax and unwind with our Lavender Spa Mask! This mask is heatable and chillable so you can find your perfect temperature. It is microwavable (or warm in tumble dryer) and  washable. Remove cover to wash in warm water and dry on medium heat.  With a 5"x9" size, it's perfect for turning any room into a personal spa!   NS2145

How to refresh?  Our 100% pure, lavender, Essential Oil is a perfect addition to your purchase.  Add a couple of drops to the insert and massage in.  We offer it in a 10ml bottle  or a 30ml glass spray bottle:

Lavender Essential Oil | High Grade 

Lavender Oil Spray | 30ml Glass Bottle 

How to warm? In the microwave on a rotating carousel, 30 second increments not to exceed 1 minute.  Or, warm in clothes dryer for up to 6 minutes.  Cover may remain on.

How to chill?  Place in a plastic bag and put in freezer for 30 minutes or more.