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Why Lavender Gifts Make the Perfect Christmas Present!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts to spoil your loved ones? Perhaps a gift that is a real pleasure for all the senses? If so, look no further than Lavender and lavender-scented gifts. This versatile herb is not only well-known for its healing properties and soothing fragrance, but it also looks beautiful when planted or presented as a gift.

Lavender has many benefits to aid mental and physical well-being. It can be used to lower high blood pressure, treat headaches and indigestion, promote better sleep, and it also acts as a mood-booster. These fantastic healing properties are beneficial to all members of the family, including children.

At Sonoma Lavender Co., we’ve aimed to create beautiful gifts filled with the goodness of lavender that your family will treasure for many years to come. Our gift range caters to all ages and preferences with beautiful items to suit any pocket and occasion. They are sure to make Christmas all the more special.

Sonoma Lavender Co. has the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones - Browse Our Collection Now.

An Exquisite Range of Lavender Products

Whether you’re looking for presents for mom, dad, grandma or the kids or you’re in need of stocking stuffers and party favors, we’ve designed an exquisite range to help you get Christmas shopping done without any stress. Some of our classic lavender products that make for perfect gifts over the festive season include:

Our Lavender Bath and Body Collection

This collection is the ultimate choice for anyone who appreciates a good quality pamper session. Think lavender essential oil, lavender spray mist, body lotion, massage oil, as well as lavender-infused bath salts and soap. There is also a stunning range of lavender guest soaps, which are ideal if you will be entertaining over the festive period.

    Our Lavender Heatable Spa Collection

    These products have all been designed to help you relax and are sure to have a positive impact on the mind, body, and soul. They can all be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer and include neck pillows, heat wraps, slippers, spa masks, mittens, and spa bolster rolls. They also come with covers that are easy to remove and that are machine-washable for maximum convenience.

      Our Lavender Home Accents

      Add a pleasant aroma to the home in the form of beautiful lavender home accents. These are extremely popular to give as gifts as they fit in seamlessly with any home’s already-existing decor. We sell scented soy candles, linen water, scented candles in decorative glass, and room diffusers. When you decorate and furnish your space with lavender home accents, you are doing more than just decorating. You are decorating while harnessing all of the lavender’s great therapeutic qualities. Give them as a gift or place them in your own home ahead of the festive season to ensure that it looks and smells incredible when the guests arrive.

        Our Lavender Sachet and Spa Gifts

        When you want to give your friends or family members the gift of lavender in its purest form, you may opt to purchase from our extensive range of lavender sachet and spa gifts. We sell sachets by the yard, liner sachets in embroidered silk, eye pillows in embroidered silk, heart sachets in embroidered silk, hanging sachets, and more. One of the most popular Christmas gifts from this collection is our Lavender Sweet Dreams Gift Set. It comes with four special lavender-scented items including a lavender eye pillow (4.5 oz), lavender sachet (1.5 oz), lavender bath salts (8 oz), and lavender butterfly soap (3 oz). The set is finished off with a lavender ribbon and bow. Designed to help bring on better quality sleep for people of all ages.

          Our Luxury Lavender Spa Robes

          These spa robes are an amazing gift as they promise comfort beyond compare. They are available in four different colors including lilac, ivory, plum, and tan. And, they are a one-size-fits-all product. They arrive beautifully folded in an organza bag with a large lavender sachet to keep in the pocket or a drawer. They are a wonderful gift choice for women who value feeling comfortable and who enjoy putting their feet up after a long day.

            Our Lavender Stuffed Animals

            This one is a special option for the kids. Give your favorite niece, nephew, son, daughter, brother, sister or cousin one of these stuffed animals, and they will benefit from a cuddly new friend that has also been created to help them sleep better. Choose from a wide variety of lovable characters and colors including lambs, dogs, bears, monkeys, bunnies, and elephants. The stuffed animals are also heatable - just place in the microwave for a few seconds. Each stuffed animal comes with a fragrant insert and a removable cover that can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Just remember to remove the fragrant insert before washing it!

              Our Dried Botanical Products

              Dried botanicals help you to achieve a fresh, earthy feeling in your home, along with a multi-layered aroma that will comfort and inspire you on a daily basis. They not only make for a great gift, but they will also ensure that your home is ready to welcome its guests this festive season. We sell dried French lavender in bulk or in a canister, along with dried bouquets of fresh lavender. These are great gifts to give to those people who already seem to have everything!

                The options are practically endless. Choose wraps, pillows or slippers from our Spa collection designed to be used heated or chilled to aid in recovery from muscle pains and relax the whole body, or gorgeous candles and linen water from the Home accents range, luxury Spa robes and Stuffed animals for the young (and young and heart). It does not matter. The entire lavender collection truly caters to every taste! The good news is that all of our products are skin-safe and filled with only the highest quality natural lavender. When you buy your aromatic Christmas gifts from us, you can be certain that you are investing in quality.

                Ticking off every person on your Christmas gift list is easier than you think with Sonoma Lavender Co. Browse our product categories to find the perfect gifts now.