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Here's How To Choose The Perfect Valentines Gift She'll Absolutely Love

Thoughtful spa-inspired gift ideas (and love notes) she’ll truly appreciate…

perfect spa inspired valentines gifts for her

Valentine’s day should be fun. All those red hearts, cute cards and romantic dinners are about making each other happy - and of course - showing just how crazy you are about her. But when you’re all out of inspiration and still haven’t found that perfect Valentine’s gift for her, it can get pretty stressful…

We’ve got you. This is the year you’re going to get her something she really - yes, really - wants. Finding a good Valentine’s gift is as simple as knowing what makes her happy.  Does she love her sleep? Or beautiful things for her home? Maybe she’s a bathing beauty? Or a diehard romantic? Does she enjoy small comforts - or luxury? Or is she totally obsessed with all things cute? And what about a little pampering treat?

Scroll down to see what she most loves doing or would make her feel the happiest, and simply choose the spa-inspired lavender gift you know matches the thing she is truly passionate about. Add in one of the special love notes on your card, and you’ll have a gorgeous and thoughtful Valentine’s gift that feels extra special because it can only come from you…


She only wants the best…

luxury valentines gifts for her

She’ll love cuddling up in this ultra-soft plush robe inspired by the luxury of a spa experience. It’s super comfy. Like really, really comfortable. So soft and cozy, she’ll want to lounge around in luxurious indulgence all day. And if you’re looking for something other than a classic ivory, check out other colors here.

While it’s still cold outside, what would make a better gift than an ultra-soft luxe faux angora fur cuddle throw? Doubling as an opulent décor piece and a luxuriously rich and exceptionally comfy throw to keep her warm, she’ll love snuggling up in its plush softness.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Ultra-Luxe Soft & Cozy Plush Shawl Robe $119.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Cuddle Throw In Luxurious Platinum Angora Fur $149.95


Irresistible snuggle buddies…

cute valentines gifts for her

What about an adorable gift that’ll remind her of you every time she gives it a hug? She won’t be able to resist the undeniable charm of Kaylee the Koala - an ultra-soft and furry lavender scented stuffed bear with a sweet, friendly face that anyone would adore. A heatable, huggable fluffy animal that comes with a hefty dose of pure cuteness…

With her immaculately groomed plush coat, super-soft squishy ears, and cute bows, Lulu the French Lavender Poodle will instantly become her favourite snuggle buddy. This soft and cozy, heatable stuffed poodle is an oh-so huggable cute gift that will keep her warm for hours.

When it comes to cute, you can never go wrong with fluffy animals. Ever.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Kaylee The Koala $39.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Lulu The French Poodle $39.95


Gorgeous bathing beauties…

small valentine's gifts for her

Does she love a bath? You can’t go wrong with a thoughtful care bundle made up of a little powerhouse of small lavender bath time gift goodies guaranteed to calm and soothe her mind, body and soul…

Help her totally relax and slip into the ultimate in bathing indulgence with these deluxe lavender infused bath salts in a cute honey jar. Pairing this with a few soothing lavender candles will have her reaching for a favorite magazine as she enjoys some much-needed down time. Add in a glass (or two) of bubbly and she’ll be over the moon.

Round her self-indulgent treat off with a luxurious lavender body lotion to smooth and pamper her skin after she’s towelled herself down. A winning combo any woman will love…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Bath Salts In Honey Jar $18.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Fragrant Lavender Candle In Round Diamond Glass - Ivory Wax $19.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Fragrant Lavender Body Lotion $19.95


A full-on pampering treat…

pampering valentines gifts for her sonoma lavender

Sometimes being romantic means just having some quiet time together while getting totally spoilt and pampered - right? Then why not spend Valentines on a special spa date night spoiling her with a luxurious massage?

The best part is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home without spending a fortune. And it’s so easy to pull together a few small touches to make it extra special for your loved one…

Start by creating the right ambience. Scatter a few candles around for soft lighting. Select a calming playlist for the optimal spa-like atmosphere.  Choose a generously rich massage oil infused with lavender to help soothe her body and calm her mind.

Finish off by enhancing the whole experience with a luxurious faux fur spa heat wrap to drape around her shoulders and soothing eye mask for the absolutely perfect pampering treat.

Romantic and relaxing. She’ll remember this thoughtful Valentines date night forever…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Generously Rich Lavender Massage Oil $19.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Heat Wrap in Arctic Circle Faux Fur $54.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Mask in Arctic Circle Faux Fur $29.95


’Cos you absolutely adore her…

romantic valentine's gifts for her

Give her the gift of a warm, affectionate hug straight from your heart. A delightfully soft and luxurious heatable faux fur heart pillow in the prettiest of pinks and infused with the calming and soothing scent of lavender. Also comes in super-soft, rich cardinal red faux fur. She’ll love you for this memorable romantic gesture forever…

The only thing better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers is one that lasts for 1 year. Yes, for real. One whole year to remind her every day of your love for her. A bunch of French lavender for her desk at work, next to her bed or pretty much anywhere, is a romantic gift that keeps on giving (and giving).

Give her both for an extra-special double dose of romance this Valentines…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Comforting 12" Rosewater Pink Heart Pillow $34.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Comforting 12" Cardinal Red Heart Pillow $34.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Dried Bouquet of French Lavender $19.95


Self-care Sunday indulgences…

deluxe valentines gifts for her

Make her self-care Sunday even better with a little TLC. Warm up this deluxe faux fur neck pillow in the microwave. Gently drape its luxurious warmth around her shoulders and let calming lavender ease all her worries and cares away. The ultimate in chill-out heaven…

And if you feel she deserves an extra spoil, throw in some matching cuddly faux fur spa booties which she can pop into the microwave to keep her feet ultra-warm. And if she rubs in some soothing lavender foot balm before slipping them on, her feet will love you for life…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Neck Pillow in Platinum Angora Faux Fur $54.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Booties in Platinum Angora Faux Fur $54.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Luxurious Lavender Foot Balm $19.95

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She totally loves her sleep…

relaxing valentines gifts for her

Give your significant other the gift of an amazing night’s sleep - in style.

She’ll absolutely love unwinding and relaxing with this beautiful Valentines must-have lavender lover’s gift set. It comes with some soothing lavender bath salts and a cute lavender butterfly soap for her pre-sleep bath-time ritual. Add in a calming lavender candle together with the deluxe silk embroidered lavender heart sachet to tuck under her pillow, and she’ll slip off into dreamland in no time.

And by misting her pillow case and sheets with a soothing lavender linen water before she retires - then spoiling her with a steaming mug of yummy cocoa – you’ll make her feel like she lives in a luxurious hotel. Beauty sleep has never felt this good…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Lover’s Gift Set $37.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Soothing Lavender Linen Water $15.95


Little luxuries she’ll adore…

indulgent valentines gifts for her sonoma lavender

Everyone can use a little pampering, especially on Valentine’s Day. So why not give her the gift of some simple but super-indulgent beauty products that she may feel guilty about splurging on herself? She’ll thank you over and over again…

Start with the best-ever spa glow treatment to add to her skin care routine. Scrubs are the ultimate in invigorating, uplifting experiences. This fragrant lavender salt scrub softens, exfoliates, moisturizes and detoxes in one exhilarating treatment. And don’t forget the body lotion to replenish her skin’s moisture afterwards.

Then give a little love back to her hands and feet. This luxury anti-oxidant hand crème melts into the skin from the moment it’s applied without leaving them greasy. And this ultra-rich foot balm will make even the toughest feet soft and refreshed.

She’ll soon find these will become her “can't live without products” - and maybe even yours…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Salt Scrub $29.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Luxuriously Moisturizing Lavender Hand Crème $19.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Luxurious Lavender Foot Balm $19.95


Objets d’art for her home…

beautiful valentines gifts for her

Does she love the sanctuary of her home? Then she’ll love you even more if you help her fill it with an abundance of heavenly scents…

Even if she already has masses of scented candles, never underestimate the power of another aromatic addition to her space. She’ll love the serenity this beautiful lavender room diffuser will spread throughout her home. It helps that the real-life dried lavender sprigs make it look oh-so-pretty too.

If you want to ring the changes, gift her a selection of lavender flower sachets to display on a magnificent platter that will become a unique conversation piece in her home. This centrepiece of scent will transform her space into all kinds of heavenly.

Whatever you pick, don’t forget to include this luxurious spray mist made with the highest quality lavender for the most romantic scent. One whiff of this and she’ll remember your thoughtfulness forever…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Room Diffuser $44.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Flower-Top 3" Sachet (One) $9.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spray Mist $19.95

That special woman in your life is sure to appreciate any of these perfect Valentine’s gifts for her. Sonoma Lavender has luxury, spa-inspired gifts for any occasion. Browse our entire product range or contact us for more information.