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Meaningful & Unique Spa Birthday Gift Ideas Perfectly Matched to What She Loves Most

Finally. No more worries about the best presents to buy for who…

spa birthday gifts for her sonoma lavender

Finding the best gift for any woman - at any time - is tough. But when it comes to her birthday, choosing the perfect gift can become a little overwhelming. After all - it’s her special day. You want to get her a birthday gift that is as great as she is. What would she really like? And in what color? Does she have a favorite scent? What doesn’t she already own?

Turns out it’s really as simple as knowing what best suits her lifestyle, her personality and what she already loves doing. Does she live for her annual beach holiday or is hiking up a mountain more to her taste? Is she a diehard romantic? Or more spirited and adventurous? Would her house ever be in the running for a Better Homes and Garden feature?

Whether it’s your mom, your wife, your best friend or just that special woman you love to bits, here’s how to match her life and her loves to the most perfect - and amazing - spa-inspired birthday gift that she’ll cherish forever…


 spa birthday gifts for her lavender heart pillow lovers gift set heart soaps

She often drops you little love notes, remembers love songs and believes in happy endings. Her first choice for a movie is one of those old romantic ones (think Love Story). She always cries at weddings, even though she loves them. She adores those little gestures, both big and small, that remind her of how affectionate and considerate you are.

Show her just how much you cherish her with a heart memento to remind her of you every time she looks at it. Choose between a heart pillow filled with lavender for her bed or a favourite armchair, a selection of heart shaped soaps, or a specially curated lovers gift set full of lavender goodies. Add in a simple love message and she’ll adore you for ever…

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Heart Pillow Of 9" In Embroidered Silk $27.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lovers Lavender Gift Set With 4 Items $37.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Savon De Coeur Lavender Heart Guest Soaps $14.95


spa birthday gifts for her timberlake heat wrap eucalyptus frog timber lake home spray

She prefers hiking in the woods or swimming in the ocean to watching a movie with a big bag of popcorn. She loves walking nature trails, climbing mountains, biking and other sporty activities that can’t be done indoors. Outdoorsy women always seem to be out in the fresh air, and love it when they’re always active, feeling healthy and a little bit windblown.

But when the weather forces her inside, give her a little bit of what she loves. The naturally woodsy Timber Lake room spray will bring a touch of the outdoors into her home. A luxury faux fur spa heat wrap infused with the Timber Lake fragrance will warm her up on cold winter nights. And she’ll adore Freddie the frog with his fresh, bracing eucalyptus scent and a serious dose of cuteness.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Timber Lake Spa Heat Wrap in Woodland Faux Fur $54.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Freddy The Frog with Eucalyptus Scent $39.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Timber Lake Home Spray $27.45


spa birthday gifts for her lavender sachets eucalyptus room diffuser lavender candle

She spends hours trawling the home section of any store and spends vast amounts of money redecorating her home. Interior design inspiration takes up 98% of her Instagram feed. She has tons of decorating flair and is known to hoard exquisite candles. In fact, her home looks very much like one giant Pinterest board.

If you have a home loving décor enthusiast in your life, she’ll love any one of these stylish gifts. A selection of lavender flower sachets arranged on a gorgeous silver platter will become a centrepiece all her friends will talk about. A unique room diffuser with eucalyptus leaves will not only refresh her home but look good at the same time. Or play to her hoarding instincts with an exquisite lavender scented ivory candle to add to her collection.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Flower-Top 3" Sachets (Set Of 12) $149.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Oil Room Diffuser $44.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Scented Ivory Candle in Decorative Glass $29.95


spa birthday gifts for her comfort fur throw lavender koala bear lavender spa booties

If the special woman in your life always greets you with a long, warm and all-embracing hug, then she probably loves a good cuddle. One of those wonderfully compassionate, caring and understanding people, she’ll look for every opportunity to snuggle in close for warmth, comfort and affection. She loves holding hands, fun tickling sessions, and curls up next to you whenever she can.

Appeal to her snug-as-a-bug nature with a super comfy, luxurious faux fur cuddle throw. Or spoil her feet with some soft and cozy lavender spa booties that she can warm up in the microwave for cold winter nights. And she’ll totally fall in love with the irresistible Kaylee the Koala for a warm huggable fragrant treat she can turn to anytime.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Cuddle Throw in Luxurious Faux Chinchilla Fur $149.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Kaylee The Koala $39.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Booties in Arctic Circle Faux Fur $54.95


spa birthday gifts for her lavender neck bolster roll lavender soaps lavender bath salts

Even in times of stress and drama, she prefers to let things go and enjoy life’s simple pleasures instead. With a relaxed, laid-back approach, she relishes the thought of unwinding after the stresses of the day. Like taking a relaxing stroll with the dog or pottering around in the garden. She considers long luxurious baths the ultimate chill-out treat.

Treat her with some luxury lavender bath salts to calm and soothe her body and soul, or a set of creamy, dreamy hand-poured and hand-cut lavender and olive oil soaps, for the ultimate in self-indulgent extravagance. Throw in a lavender bolster roll to comfortably support her neck while she’s bathing and she’ll appreciate your thoughtful gift for ever.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Lilac Wisp Neck Bolster Roll $54.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Trio of Lavender & Olive Oil Soap Bars $22.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Bath Salts in Honey Jar $18.95


spa birthday gifts for her ocean aire spa heat wrap ocean aire gift box ocean aire sachets

Words cannot express how much she loves summer. At every opportunity, she heads straight for the beach. She can’t understand why people want to go on a skiing holiday. Her travel bucket list includes Maui, Bali, and St Lucia. Like many ocean lovers, she feels refreshed and renewed by the sand and the sea. There’s even a word to describe her - thalassophile.

Gift her an everlasting reminder of the brisk fresh scent of the sea with an OceanAire sachet-by the yard - with real seashells and aroma-infused bath salts - to hang anywhere in her home. Or spoil her with an OceanAire spa wrap to drape over her shoulders, relax, and breathe in the smell of the ocean. She’ll also adore the mix of bath salts, soap and candle goodies in this OceanAire gift box.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Oceanaire Spa Heat Wrap in Aqua Embossed Dot $54.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Oceanaire Take-Out Gift Box With 4 Treasures $22.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Oceanaire Scented Sachet-By-The-Yard with Seashells $29.95


spa birthday gifts for her lavender spa mittens lavender spa blankie lavender spa booties

You touch her hands and they’re freezing. She is always cold, and open windows and draughts are her enemies. Icy winters are her worst nightmare so the thermostat is always on high. She bundles up with extra layers of clothing to keep warm. Even a fresh summer breeze can make her feel chilly and uncomfortable. Some of us are just more sensitive to the cold.

Give her the gift of warmth. She’ll relish the coziness of luxurious faux fur that just needs a couple of minutes in the microwave to keep her body, hands and feet from freezing. Choose between the moist warmth of a full-size spa blankie, spa booties or spa mittens - all with the calming scent of lavender to also soothe her soul.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Mittens in Luxurious Faux Chinchilla Fur $49.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Blankie In Arctic Circle Faux Fur $84.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Booties in Luxurious Faux Chinchilla Fur $54.95



spa birthday gifts for her eucalyptus spa heat wrap eucalyptus massage oil euclayptus spa mask

She’s a total fitness fanatic or gym junkie. Every one of her 10 pairs of sneakers has a very specific purpose. Her wardrobe contains more spandex than any other material. She owns an obscene amount of water bottles and always has one by her side. You think she’s crazy to get up at 5am to squeeze in a quick workout before she starts her day.

She’ll love anything that makes her exercising life easier. Eucalyptus is known to be enormously beneficial for easing any muscular pains and sprains. Combining it with either cold or heat therapy makes its doubly effective. Choose between a large spa heat wrap or a spa mask for smaller areas, and throw in a eucalyptus massage oil to help her soothe away those aching muscles.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Frosted Moss Heat Wrap $54.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Generously Rich Eucalyptus Massage Oil $17.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Frosted Moss Spa Mask $29.95


spa birthday gifts for her luxry shawl robe lavender spa mask cuddle throw

Self-indulgent and pleasure loving, she always looks to treat herself to something enjoyable - often more than is good for her. She finds enormous comfort and pleasure in good clothes, great food, and even better champagne. Luxury and extravagance are her middle names. She’s generous to a fault, spoiling both family and friends with expensive and beautiful things.

Look no further for the ultimate in opulence and indulgence. Gift her a luxurious platinum angora faux fur cuddle throw to toss on her sofa for those cold winter nights. Let her snuggle into the ultra-luxe magnificence of the finest quality plush shawl robe. Or enjoy the whisper soft faux fur of a luxury lavender spa mask as she slips into dreamland every night.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Ultra-Luxe Plush Ivory Shawl Robe $122.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Mask in Arctic Circle Faux Fur $29.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Cuddle Throw in Luxurious Platinum Angora Fur $149.95


spa birthday gifts for timberlake gift box lavender gift box ocean aire gift box

Spirited, adventurous and curious, she’s into the thrill of the search for the next best thing. She’s well into planning her next adventure into the Amazon after scaling Mount Rainier last year. Often in awe of the simplest wonders, she cherishes little keepsakes. In another life she would be a treasure hunter. Most of all, she adores surprizes and is a pushover for anything small and cute.

Delight her with a potpourri of scented goodies that will appeal to her nature. A lavender sweet dreams gift set with a silk eye pillow, sachet, some bath salts, and a cute butterfly soap will provide her the path to restful sleep. The Timber Lake takeout gift box with a soy candle, a fragrant sugar pine & cinnamon sachet, some bath salts and a mini soap will appeal to her senses. Or if she loves the brisk, fresh scent of the sea, gift her an Ocean Aire collection of sand-dollar and starfish shaped mini soaps in a beautiful shell encrusted box.

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Timber Lake Take-Out Gift Box With 4 Treasures $22.45

🎁 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Sweet Dreams Gift Set With 4 Items $37.95

🎁 BUY IT HERE: OceanAire Shell Box with Mini Guest Soaps $24.95

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