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Make this one she'll remember forever…

mothers day gifts and messages sonoma lavender

Moms are incredible. And every Mother’s Day, we have a unique chance to show them just how much we appreciate all their hugs, hard work and help. A time when they deserve something special, something exceptional, something memorable – to show just how much they mean to us…

But even though you know your mom so well, why is it that you often draw a blank when it comes to getting her the perfect Mother’s Day gift? And telling her how much you love her…

We’ve made it easy for you. Instead of trawling for hours online only to see the same old, twee stuff everywhere, spoil her with a luxurious spa gift and Mother’s Day message that is perfectly matched to your mom’s lifestyle and personality, whether she’s classic, modern, on-trend, active, elegant or just plain cool.

This is the year to give her a truly remarkable Mother’s Day gift to warm her heart and make her smile. Paired with a sentimental message she’ll never forget. Show her you love her. Now more than ever…


“Out of all the moms in the world, I’m glad you are mine”

mothers day gifts and messages practical mom sonoma lavender

With her logical, no-nonsense approach, she is a super-organiser who is always calm in the face of chaos. She keeps you grounded by lovingly guiding you through all the obstacles in your life. Generous with her time and support, she’s always been willing to go that extra mile for you.

Show how much you are grateful for her love and support with a gift of relaxation and calm. She’ll adore this plush, comfy microwavable neck pillow infused with the calming scent of lavender to gently ease away all the tensions of her day.

Or allow her indulge in the ultimate bathing treat with these deluxe lavender bath salts to calm and soothe her mind, body - and soul. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness forever…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Neck Pillow in Classic Lilac Dot Fabric $54.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Infused Bath Sea Salt Bath $19.95


“Of all the gifts life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest gift of all”

mothers day gifts and messages luxurious mom sonoma lavender

Little luxuries make her day. It could be a sunset, a song, a moment of peace, or a perfect cup of tea. For her, luxury means enjoying those little best-in-life moments. Beautiful both inside and out, she is gracious and lovable, always taking time out to show kindness and care to everyone she meets.

She’ll absolutely adore cuddling up in this ultra-soft plush robe inspired by the luxury of a spa experience. It’s super comfy. Like really, really comfortable. So soft and cozy, she’ll want to lounge around in luxurious indulgence all day.

And for an extra special spoil, gift her these luxuriously soft faux fur spa booties that she can quickly warm in the microwave and her feet will love you for life…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Ultra-Luxe Plush Ivory Shawl Robe $122.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Booties In Arctic Circle Faux Fur $54.95


“When I count my blessings, I count you twice”

mothers day gifts and messages on-trend mom sonoma lavender

A unique, ‘one-of-a-kind’ mom who is keen to try out new ideas, experiences or things. She’s special and irreplaceable and no one could ever take her place. Always the first to try out the latest and greatest stuff, she’ll openly embrace these on-trend natural beauty products.

Treat her to a set of creamy, dreamy hand-poured and hand-cut lavender and olive oil soaps, for the ultimate in luxurious softness for both her hands and body.

She’ll also adore this exfoliating salt scrub infused with natural grapeseed, sunflower, jojoba and lavender essential oils, for the best all-over detoxing and moisturising pamper session…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Trio of Lavender & Olive Oil Soap Bars $22.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Exfoliating Salt Scrub in Rich Reviving Oils $29.95


“Because of you, I am who I am today. Thank you. I love you.”

mothers day gifts and messages active mom sonoma lavender

Always on the go and physically very active, she’s a bit like an Energizer bunny on steroids. Full of joy and exuberance, she’s upbeat and positive, radiating enthusiastic sparks of energy and invigorating everyone around her. Your mom is always the brightest spot in your day.

She’ll love anything that makes her exercising life easier. Give her the gift of the healing power of eucalyptus essential oil to help ease away any aches or sprains.

With the option to use as either hot or cold therapy, it’s a toss-up between a eucalyptus scented heat wrap for all over body use, or some comfy, cuddly footies to soothe her achy feet. She simply has to pop them into the microwave or freezer for some comforting relief…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Green Cuddle Heat Wrap $54.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Green Cuddle Footies $49.95


“You are every lovely word I could possible think of”

mothers day gifts and messages elegant mom sonoma lavender

Elegance is a style; a mannerism. It is refinement, it is tasteful and it creates a lasting impression. Cultivated and distinguished, your mom oozes inner strength and earns respect from everyone she meets. She is the essence of charm, poise and class.

Spoil her with some little luxuries that appeal to her taste. Elegant and refined, this exquisite lavender candle in beautifully decorated glass will add a serious touch of style to her home.

Or indulge her with this opulent faux fur bolster roll to use on the neck, lower back or behind the knees to ease away the aches of the day in wonderful warming luxury. An extra-special spa treat for her at home…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Scented Candle in Decorative Glass $19.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Bolster Neck Roll in Platinum Angora $54.95


“If I didn’t have you as a mom, I’d choose you as a friend”

mothers day gifts and messages classical mom sonoma lavender

She not only has a timeless style but is a beautiful person - both inside and out. She’s gentle, good-natured and caring. A compassionate friend to turn to when you need help, she’ll sympathize and show concern for your well-being. Your mom is genuine and kind, and always thinks of others before herself.

Give her the gift of sleep. A lavender sweet dreams gift set with a beautifully embroidered silk eye pillow, a lavender sachet, some bath salts, and a cute butterfly soap will provide her with the path to restful sleep. She totally deserves it.

Or opt for some gorgeous lilac dupioni silk sachets to freshen her drawers and closets for years to come. All with the calming scent of lavender to soothe her soul…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Sweet Dreams Gift Set With 4 Items $37.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Square Sachet Trio-Lilac Dupioni $22.95


“You are the mom that everyone wishes they had”

mothers day gifts and messages  cool mom sonoma lavender

If all your friends say they would love to have your mom, its highly likely that she’s cool. She’s up-to-date with the latest trends and understands all the issues people your age face. She’s fun, entertaining and light-hearted, and always enjoys having a good time.

Give her the gift of a good night’s sleep after her action-packed days. She’ll love this luxurious eucalyptus scented silk sleep mask with its fun embroidered dragonfly motifs. A fail-safe way to help her gently drift off into a deep replenishing sleep.

And what about an adorable fluffy animal to appeal to her sense of fun? She won’t be able to resist the undeniable charm of Kaylee the Koala, a heatable, huggable soft plush toy that comes with a hefty dose of pure cuteness…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Sleep Mask in Dragonfly Silk Fabric $22.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Kaylee The Koala with Eucalyptus Scent $39.95


“Your presence gives me wings to fly when my own wings are broken”

mothers day gifts and messages chic mom sonoma lavender

Your mom has effortless style. But it’s not only about what she wears: it’s also about how she holds herself and how she behaves. It’s about style in everything she does. She’s truly inspirational - always encouraging you to do better and giving you hope when all seems lost.

Help her relax and unwind in lavish style with the luxurious warmth of a lavender spa blankie made with the softest-of-soft faux fur. A comfy, stylish throw for either her bed or a couch.

Otherwise spoil her with a perfect pamper treat. The healing warmth of a luxurious lavender faux fur bolster roll on her neck, lower back or behind her knees will quickly turn any unwanted twinges into a thing of the past…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Blankie In Arctic Circle Faux Fur $84.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Lavender Spa Bolster Roll In Arctic Circle Faux Fur $54.95


“I’m a strong woman because a strong woman raised me”

mothers day gifts and messages modern mom sonoma lavender

Committed to her career or a worthy cause, your mom is a smart, independent woman. She doesn’t depend on anyone or anything to make things happen for her. Intelligent, free-thinking and individualistic, she makes good, logical decisions, often teaching you a thing or two.

Spruce up her decor with a stylish glass diffuser embellished with eucalyptus sprigs, and fill her home with a fresh, invigorating scent that will continuously remind her of you.

Or give her the gift of choice to appeal to her independent nature. With a relaxation gift card, she can pick from an appealing selection of luxurious spa-inspired gifts infused with the healing powers of essential oils. A special spoil for both her body and mind…

💜 BUY IT HERE: Eucalyptus Oil Room Diffuser $44.95

💜 BUY IT HERE: Relaxation Gift Card $25.00 upwards

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