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The Cutest, Softest And Cuddly Microwavable Stuffed Animals You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Who knew microwavable stuffed animals that smell wonderful can be so irresistible? We have heatable scented plush animals you'll want to snuggle up with forever…

microwavable scented stuffed animals sonoma lavender

Microwavable stuffed animals from Sonoma Lavender are an ideal gift for a special person in your life - or even for yourself.

No doubt you’ve got some very fond memories of your favorite snuggle-buddy as a child. A cherished teddy bear, floppy-eared bunny or lovable lamb that went absolutely everywhere with you…

Heated stuffed animals are the perfect cuddle companion for your baby or child - part toy, part friend and part blankie. A playmate by day and a soft, comforting furry friend to keep them warm and safe at night. 

But they are also so much more. Scented stuffed animals can be an anniversary or birthday gift for that special person in your life, a precious graduation memento, the cutest get-well gift for a friend – heated plush animals are adored by adults and kids alike. And likely to be cherished for many years to come…

No matter who or why you are planning to surprise, these cute, snuggly, super-soft and oh-so-adorable scented stuffed plush animals will capture anyone’s heart. Expertly crafted with high end, luxuriously plush fabrics, they’re lightly weighted with lavender buds to help reduce stress and comfort an anxious child. They are the perfect lavender scented stuffed animals.

Heating the cuddly stuffed animals in the microwave releases the healing scents of aromatherapy - either lavender to calm, ease anxiety and sleep better, or eucalyptus to refresh and revive or help clear a stuffy nose. A unique warm and totally irresistible  plush animal toy that both adults and children will love…

They’re super-soft. They’re incredibly cute. They're lightly weighted. They’re microwavable. They’re aromatherapy scented. They’re top quality. And they’re as cuddly and huggable as a heated stuffed animal plush can get…


Lavender Infused Microwavable Lovey the Lamb and Lulu the French Poodle

Made from ultra-soft, ultra-luxurious fur, Lovey the Lamb is the closest thing you’ll ever come to cuddling a cloud. A super soft French lavender scented plush animal toy with an oh-so-sweet and gentle face, Lovey the Lamb is too cute to resist. Snuggle up with for hours with this adorable, heated stuffed animal lamb.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Lovey the Lamb $42.95

With her immaculately groomed plush coat, super-soft squishy ears, and cute bows, Lulu the French Lavender Poodle will instantly become your - or your little ones’ - favourite snuggly buddy. This soft and cozy, microwavable stuffed poodle is an oh-so huggable cute plush gift that keeps you warm for hours.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Lulu the French Poodle $42.95


Lavender Infused Microwavable Ellie the Elephant and Kaylee the Koala

Made from cuddly soft plush, Ellie the Elephant has cute floppy ears and a trunk that can sniff out a hug from a mile away. A perfect companion for endless amounts of warm snuggly fun, this lavender aromatherapy scented, stuffed animal elephant is a super-soft, squishy, huggable and lovable cuddle buddy.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Ellie The Elephant $42.95

Meet Kaylee the Koala - an ultra-soft and furry French lavender scented stuffed animal bear with a cute, friendly face and a distinctive button nose that anyone would adore. Add in soft, fuzzy ears just made for nuzzling and a plush, super-cuddly microwavable body that’s so easy to hug, and you have a sweet, furry friend for life.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Kaylee The Koala $42.95


Lavender Infused Microwavable Lou the Teddy Bear and Lil The Bunny

Made from ultra-soft plush fur, the soft, cuddly and totally adorable Lavender Lou the Teddy Bear will be your kid’s go-to stuffed plush toy from the word go. Warm him up in the microwave and this must-have lavender aromatherapy scented stuffed teddy bear becomes the perfect snuggle buddy. The ultimate in heatable huggable happiness.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Lou The Teddy Bear $42.95

Loveable and cute, lop-eared Lavender ‘Lil’ The Bunny will happily hop into any child’s life. Super soft and furry plush make this warm and cozy heatable stuffed animal rabbit the perfect snuggling and hugging gift. With her soft and floppy ears and squishy feel, she’s especially cuddle-worthy.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender "Lil" The Bunny $42.95


microwavable stuffed animals monkey and dog

The cutest of cuddle buddies meets stuffy toy with Spunky the Monkey. Crafted in luxurious super-soft plush, this sweet faced two-toned brown monkey with his squashy, snuggly body and cheeky lavender tie makes him the perfect microwavable, lavender scented stuffed animal pal for everything from cuddle to play time.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Spunky The Monkey $42.95

Squeezable and huggable with a soft snuggly body, Lavender Lucky the Dog’s sweet endearing face and silky-smooth fur will make him a firm favorite cuddly toy. Heated in the microwave to release healing lavender aromatherapy, this super-soft plush animal puppy is as warm and comfy as a hot water bottle, beyond adorable and so lovably cute!

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Huggable Lavender Lucky The Dog $42.95


Lavender Infused Microwavable Kaylee the Eucalyptus Koala and Freddy the Frog

Kaylee the Eucalyptus Koala is an ultra-soft and furry stuffed animal with a cute, friendly face and a distinctive button nose that anyone would adore. With soft, fuzzy ears just made for nuzzling and a plush, super-cuddly microwavable body that’s so easy to hug, and you will have a sweet, furry friend for life.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Kaylee The Koala with Eucalyptus Scent $42.95

This oh-so-cute frog plush friend is just waiting to hop into your life. Meet Freddy the Frog, made from a luxury dot plush fabric that is a pure delight to hug. He’s floppy, huggably soft and just perfect for little hands to tote around or a super-comfy snuggle session. An adorable, heatable stuffed frog gift anybody will love.

💜 BUY IT HERE: Heatable Freddy The Frog with Eucalyptus Scent $42.95

Searching for a snuggle-buddy you can heat and hug? There are lots in Sonoma Lavender’s microwavable stuffed animals range! Contact us today and order.