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Give the Gift of Relaxation this Christmas

As the year is quickly coming to an end, we all may feel the need to unwind. The ultimate Christmas gift you can bless your loved ones with is the gift of relaxation and the enjoyment and benefit of treating them to a little luxury. Sonoma Lavender can bring the relaxation experience of the spa to your home with our handcrafted products.

It’s been a stressful year - spoil your friends and family with gifts to help them relax

Finding time for a little indulgence and relaxation is a vital part of personal wellness. Sonoma Lavender provides pure, genuine, and authentic ingredients in our products, stimulating the senses and improving personal wellness. Everything we do is about awakening the senses, whether it is to calm, soothe, invigorate, or rejuvenate.

Great gifts to help your loved ones recharge and indulge in some self-care 

Essential oils 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is revitalizing and a natural antiseptic with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. Spray in the shower, bedroom, or on the skin for revitalizing spa-like comfort, and can also be added to a warm bath, a diffuser, or blended with other favorite oils.

Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to heal minor burns and insect bites. This essential oil may also be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. Spray in the shower, bedroom, or on the skin for soothing comfort.

Face mask 

Our sleep mask is not only stylish but also blocks out the light while lavender aromatherapy calms and soothes the psyche. A spa mask is an essential aid in helping one tune out the world’s troubles during a spa treatment. Soft and plush, it helps gently rest the eyes to shut out all worries during personal time on a spa bed, chair, or at home. Spa masks add to the pampering by providing additional warmth or cold, whichever is needed. 

Sonoma Lavender’s range of spa face masks come in various colors and are scented with lavender, eucalyptus, and OceanAire. They can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer and come with ultra-soft, removable, machine-washable covers. The mask consists of a soft cloth bag with flax seeds sown into it. These seeds are excellent for retaining heat and cold, and apply an acupressure effect to the face, particularly around the eyes. The overall experience becomes one of enhanced rejuvenation for both body and mind. They make the perfect gift and are suitable for travel.

Bubble bath 

Richly foaming and naturally fragrant, our classic aromatic and luxuriously rich lavender bubble baths are blended with therapeutic essential oils and coconut cleansing formula for a soothing relaxation treat.

Bath salts 

Our lavender-infused bath salts are an ideal way to relax and detox after a hectic day. Solar sea salt helps pull toxins from the body while the healing power of lavender essential oil relaxes and heals the mind, body, and soul. Lavender bath salts can also help with swelling and inflammation. Our gorgeous iridescent glass jar with hand-poured lavender-infused bath salts makes a stunning Christmas gift. Soak to draw toxins from the body for less aches and pains. Bath salts, infused with revitalizing eucalyptus essential oils, contain beneficial minerals and nutrients that keep skin smooth, soft, and supple. The minerals are easily absorbed into the skin’s pores to cleanse and purify skin, improving skin radiance, tone, and texture.

Top stress-relief gift ideas for Christmas 

Weighted spa blanket 

Sonoma Lavender’s heatable, weighty spa blankies provide all the warmth and soothing scent needed to ease achy muscles in one soft and inviting package. Our weighted spa blankets can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer. They can also be chilled in the freezer if a cold treatment is required, and then applied to stiff and tense muscles in the legs, shoulders, back, or stomach. The combination of either heat or cold, ultra-softness, and weight provides a perfect, relaxing balm for sore muscles.

After a long day of overwork or strain of physical activity, our blankies’ weight, warmth, and pleasant scent will wrap one in a soothing cocoon of calm and rejuvenation. Pamper your loved ones with the luxurious warmth and calming scents of our weighty spa blankies this Christmas.


Lavender spa neck pillow 

Soothe achy, tired muscles with the calming lavender scent and moist warmth of our Neck Pillow, the ultimate relaxation treat. Stiff and sore necks are common complaints in today’s stressful world. A comfy, heatable neck pillow can alleviate neck tension symptoms, including stiffness, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches. They can also help prevent the onset of these conditions by providing soft but firm support for the head and neck.

Melt away the tension with our range of heated lavender spa neck pillows. Warm them in the microwave or tumble dryer, or chill them in the freezer, and then apply them to provide rest and comfort for stiff necks after exercise, injury, or a poor night’s rest. Our lavender spa neck pillows are ergonomically designed to wrap around the neck, sit comfortably on the shoulders, and provide pleasant resting support for the head, allowing neck muscles to relax and recuperate. These neck pillows are also the perfect travel companions, providing comfortable rest on those long-haul flights. They also make beautiful gifts. So, go on and indulge someone close to you with this gift of sheer comfort.

Spa heat wrap 

Heat wraps are an excellent way to provide that much-needed rejuvenation for tired muscles, bringing blood-flow and sensation back into strained backs, necks, arms, legs, and shoulders. Sonoma Lavender’s spa heat wraps provide the necessary TLC to revitalize them and restore them to their full strength and energy. Our heat wraps are suitable to take along when traveling and make wonderful gifts. 

The heat wrap experience is taken to the next level by adding aromatherapy into the mix. Our wraps are scented with a variety of pleasant aromas known to aid relaxation, including lavender, eucalyptus, OceanAire, and our own intoxicating blend of pine, myrrh, and frankincense – called Timber Lake. These essences of nature add to the warmth and comfort, taking one away from daily stresses to a temporary retreat of peace and pampering.

More stress-relieving and pampering gifts from Sonoma Lavender’s heatable spa collection:

Footies for adults 

Our one-size-fits-all footies can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer, or chilled in the freezer, and then slipped onto weary feet, providing soothing relaxation. It is the quickest, most easily accessible, and most cost-effective foot spa treatment you will ever find! The ultra-soft covers come in various colors and styles and will enhance the sensation of luxurious comfort. Combined with your choice of either warmth or cold, they provide a simple and powerful balm to overworked foot muscles. Our footies may be used separately on their own, or in combination with our heavenly foot balms. They can also make an excellent supplement to a good, old-fashioned foot massage! For someone who spends long hours on their feet and needs that quick, easy, and effective way to help them unwind at the end of the day, why not treat them to a pair of Sonoma Lavender footies? They can make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for that special person in your life.

Scented bootie slippers 

Luxurious warmth, soft comfort, and calming scents are what Sonoma Lavender’s spa bootie slippers provide, and they are all one needs to treat sore, tired feet. Our spa booties can be heated in the microwave or tumble dryer, or chilled in the freezer to provide sustained comfort and relief to overworked foot muscles. They can be used on their own or in combination with one of our soothing foot balms. They make it that much better to put one’s feet up after a long day and make an excellent gift for your loved one. Aroma is an integral part of the spa experience, so our booties also come in a choice of two pleasing scents – lavender and eucalyptus – each of which is known for its therapeutic properties. Sonoma Lavender bootie slippers make for the best, easiest, and most cost-efficient foot spa treatments anyone could ask for.


Warm mittens: a balm for sore hands 

People very often do not give their hands the care they need. Considering all the work our hands do – nearly all day, every day – they deserve to be taken good care of, and even get pampered once in a while. Hard work fosters the need for effective relief from all the lifting, carrying, cooking, washing, and even the writing and typing people do every day. Sonoma Lavender’s heatable/chillable mittens offer an effective, soothing home spa treatment for your hands. Warm them in the microwave or tumble dryer, or create a fresh, rejuvenating cold treatment by chilling them in the freezer. Slip these heated mittens onto your hands for sustained relief for muscles, ligaments, and bones. They also provide relief from symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. Create an even more complete and soothing home spa treatment by combining a pair of our heatable spa mittens with one of our Sonoma Lavender Hand Creams. These mittens come in a choice of lavender or eucalyptus scents, adding a calming touch of aromatherapy. They are available in a range of colors and styles, and the ultra-soft covers are removable and machine washable. So why not treat yourself or that special lady in your life to the perfect balm for sore, overworked hands this Christmas?

Heatable stuffed animals 

For a warm, comforting hug or to have the perfect sleeping companion, our lavender heatable stuffed animals are the ideal gift. These stuffed animals are great for parents and little ones alike. You will have a jolly good time at home with the family in this merry festive season with these heatable stuffed animals to keep you warm and cozy.

In the chilly winter weather, you need something that can warm you up. With a range of heatable products from Sonoma Lavender, you and your family members will be ready to beat the cold this Christmas.

Treat yourself and loved ones to handmade gifts filled with the fresh scent of lavender! One of the longest-lasting, natural scents there is, lavender is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come; it relieves stress and promotes rest and relaxation naturally! When choosing gifts for your friends and family, choose something as unique and special as they are! Share your love by giving them the gift of lavender and relaxation!