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Gift ideas for your Thanksgiving host

Thanksgiving dinner gift ideas

Thanksgiving is the time to show your love, gratitude, and appreciation to the special people in your life. When you are invited for Thanksgiving to a friend or family member’s home, giving them a gift can be a memorable gesture. Sonoma Lavender Co., providers of lavender products for wellness and relaxation, have you covered. Read on for a list of Thanksgiving gift ideas that will go a long way. 

Do I need to buy a gift for Thanksgiving?

It is true: most people do not expect gifts or presents for Thanksgiving. So, when they receive one, it can be a lovely surprise. Remember, you do not have to spend big bucks on these gifts. Instead, make it thoughtful, fun, or harvest-themed to show your love and gratitude. Be it a formal Thanksgiving dinner or a casual Friendsgiving, it’s always recommended to give a token of your appreciation to the hosts. So, what are the top gift ideas for Thanksgiving? 

Yummy gift ideas

Who doesn’t love some yummy treats and sweet bundles? Find the perfect harvest baskets, holiday gift nut baskets, Thanksgiving bundles and delicious platters filled with fruits, nuts, sweet treats, cheeses and more for everyone to share. Your favorite drinks can also be a lovely gift to give such as: 

1. High quality organic and sustainable coffee 
2. Beautifully packaged caramel apple tea 
3. A bottle of Prosecco 

      Thanksgiving is also a wonderful transition to Christmas. Give your hosts scrumptious chocolate bombs for those cozy yummy mugs of hot cocoa. 

      Gift baskets

      One of the most popular Thanksgiving traditions is watching the big game together with friends and family. Find gift baskets or arrangements with football cookies, apple slices dipped in chocolate, melon, fruits cut into stars – all as a tribute to the all-American sport! 

      Other gift baskets include gourmet cheese and sausage baskets, harvest baskets filled with crackers, sweet treats, fruits, and cheeses, roasted and candied nut baskets and many more. For chocolate lovers, one of the more popular gift ideas is the chocolate covered cookie gift basket!

      For the home

      One of the most wonderful gifts to give your Thanksgiving host is something special for their home. 

      Home accents

      Home accents or accessories are beautiful decorative items that add to the charm and personality of a home. At Sonoma Lavender Co., we have a wide range of unique home accent products for your Thanksgiving host: 

      1. Scented soy candles: With the most beautiful fragrances, our soy candles are a perfect gift idea for your Thanksgiving hosts. They come in beautifully crafted glass jars and add an allure to any space they are placed in. 
      2. Uplifting fragrances: The best designed interior spaces can be uplifted with the right aromas. Gift our home fragrances to your hosts to enhance the appeal of their home. 
      3. Lavender linen water: With its soothing properties, our lavender linen water can be sprayed on beds and linen for a wonderful nights’ sleep. 
      4. Timber lake home spray: Give your Thanksgiving host the gift of the aroma of a pine forest with our timber lake home spray. Infused with notes of sugar pine, frankincense and myrrh, it can elevate any home. 

          Other home accent gift ideas include:

          1. Scented citrus garlands for tables or fireplaces
          2. Printable Thanksgiving tags
          3. Thanksgiving coaster sets
          4. Mason jar light bulbs
          5. Vined monogram ornaments 


              People who host Thanksgiving dinners are usually the ones who love food, cooking and their kitchens. Why not give them wonderful kitchen accessories and kitchenware as gifts? Sonoma Lavender Co. recommends the following gift ideas: 

              1. Hand-carved wooden spoons: These are not just ordinary spoons. Instead, they are especially hand-crafted, unique spoons that are made from different cuts of wood. 
              2. Herb gardens: Window gardens or planters with parsley, sage, coriander, mint, dill and many more can give your Thanksgiving host a wonderful window garden. For those who may not have window space, give them a lovely mason jar indoor herb garden instead. 
              3. Bread-warming pouch: These pouches come with cotton blankets within which bread can be heated in the microwave. Give this to your Thanksgiving hosts for warm bread every day! 
              4. Casserole totes: For the hosts who love potlucks, give them a sturdy and functional casserole tote so they can carry their amazing dishes wherever they go. 
              5. Cheese board: A hand-crafted, tiered server for your hosts’ favorite cheeses can be the perfect Thanksgiving gift. Pair these with holiday-themed cheese spreaders. 
              6. Pumpkin kitchenware: Keeping in theme with the holiday and fall, find unique pieces for the kitchen in fall colors or pumpkin prints to add to Thanksgiving. 
              7. Personalized chopping boards: Customize chopping boards for a thoughtful gift idea to your Thanksgiving hosts. 
              8. Turkey wine stopper: Bring a little fun to the table with these quirky turkey wine stoppers. Pair these with festive wine bags as a gift to your Thanksgiving host. 
              9. Mulled cider: Your hosts will love these little packs or jars of mulled spices that will make their home smell like fall and Thanksgiving. 
              10. Recipe books: Other wonderful gift ideas are Thanksgiving or Christmas-themed recipe books so your hosts can cook up a storm in their kitchens.

                  With gift ideas such as these, we are sure you will be a favorite guest every holiday season. For more information on gift ideas, especially lavender-based products, contact Sonoma Lavender Co. today!