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Essential Oils to Beat Brain Fog: ‘Cos You're Tired of Feeling Like You're Losing Your Mind

A quick and easy natural remedy to clear brain fog instantly…

sonoma lavender essential oils get rid of brain fog

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel utterly mentally exhausted? Or find yourself constantly forgetting things? Or distracted and all over the place? And even though you’ve slugged back countless cups of coffee, your brain still refuses to co-operate even though your boss needs that report - stat! Instead, you’ve got sucked into the internet or are playing games on your phone…

You have a classic case of brain fog. And once you find out what has caused it, you will realise that fuzzy thinking and a foggy mind are in fact little signs from your body that it wants you to take better care of it.

So, what can you do to immediately restore your energy and mental clarity? Try this for fun. Grab your lavender essential oil (or else some scrunched up lavender flowers or that lavender sachet from your undies drawer) and take a deep whiff. Feeling more alert? That’s because lavender helps clear your head.

You’ve just experienced the incredible power of essential oils to quickly treat one of the signs of brain fog.

Find out more about the symptoms and how you can mix and match two or more of 9 different essential oils to help you get rid of brain fog instantly…


So just what are the symptoms of  brain fog?

A study found that people who are suffering from brain fog most often describe the symptoms as being ‘forgetful’, having ‘difficulty focusing, thinking and communicating’, as well as a ‘fuzzy head’ and ‘cloudy’ mind (hence the foggy descriptor).

But the interesting thing is that there is no such medical condition. Nevertheless, there are a number of bran fog symptoms that are very real – and distressing – that can help you identify if you have a foggy mind instead of worrying about whether or not your overall brain health is deteriorating…

• You cannot concentrate or focus on even the smallest of tasks. Your mind is always wandering all over the place, you struggle with fuzzy thinking and organizing your thoughts, and easily become distracted. Minor decisions become a big deal.

• You keep forgetting things, including simple daily chores that are normally done automatically, what you’ve just read, and even familiar everyday words. You often lose your train of thought and struggle to keep up a conversation.

• You’re suffering from chronic fatigue. No matter how many hours of sleep you manage to clock up at night, you’re permanently bone-crushingly tired – and irritable. It doesn’t go away no matter what you do.

• You feel ‘spaced out’ and confused as if you’re not quite there. Even if you drink countless cups of coffee, you constantly feel dull, unmotivated and sluggish as if your brain is in slow motion mode, and your days pass by in a blur.

While an issue such as chronic fatigue warrants a check-in with your doctor, many of these are likely to be symptoms of some underlying problem ranging from sleepless nights, poor food choices, an overdose of stress to an undiagnosed food allergy.

In other words, your mental exhaustion and inability to focus and concentrate are warning signs your body is giving you that something is going wrong with either your health or lifestyle.

The good news? Once you have found out what is causing it, in many cases you can get rid of brain fog fairly quickly.

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Your body is a very smart and complex machine designed to keep you alive and kicking. When your health starts deteriorating, it immediately leaps into action to compensate for things that are going wrong and in doing so, can sometimes cause problems with your mental health and your ability to think clearly.

Here are some of the reasons why you have a foggy head and might feel you are losing your mind…

• Chronic stress, anxiety or depression
• Poor nutritional choices and an unhealthy diet
• Lack of high-quality sleep
• Hormonal changes, particularly during menopause or pregnancy
• Food allergies or sensitivities
• Certain medications and medical conditions like a thyroid disorder


Essential oils can have amazing benefits for your mental health and well-being. Their powerful aromas help increase focus and concentration, ease stressful thoughts, relax the mind, improve the memory and even boost your mood.

What’s more, they act both quickly and safely. Within just a few seconds of inhaling the aromatic aromas, they pass into the limbic system in your brain. This system is responsible for long-term memory, your emotions and the nervous system. It also regulates your hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, and ability to concentrate.

Another way that they can help with good brain health is through the blood-brain barrier. The brain is primed to prevent harmful substances from affecting the mind. Essential oils are one of the very few things that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and act quickly to address any problems you may have.

So, it’s not hard to see why essential oils can have such a profound effect on your mind. These little miracle workers can immediately help reduce that stress overload, boost your energy, calm your troubled mind, balance hormones and enhance your memory, amongst many other benefits. The ways in which they can help you beat brain fog really are endless.

See which essential oils are best for the foggy brain symptoms you have, be it treatment for mental clarity, focus, concentration, anxiety, depression, or a little boost of energy…

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Rosemary Oil For Brain Fog - Refreshing and Clearing

Best for: Mental clarity, chronic fatigue, improves memory and forgetfulness, brain function and performance, alertness, boosts focus and concentration

By far the best essential oil for increasing mental clarity is rosemary. One of the go-to oils for brain fog, its ability to stimulate your mind helps ease mental exhaustion, banish forgetfulness and lift the cloudiness.

Well known to boost memory and brain function, rosemary helps you think more clearly, focus on the task at hand and can actually improve your ability to remember things. It’s not surprising that it’s the ultimate brain-boosting oil for when you’re studying or about to start a big task that needs a lot of concentration.

TRY: Make a stimulating roll-on for work by blending 6 drops rosemary, 3 drops sweet basil, and 2 drops peppermint with an ounce of jojoba oil. Or diffuse rosemary with frankincense and peppermint while studying.

Peppermint Oil For Brain Fog - Invigorating and Stimulating

Best for: Stimulating the mind, mental clarity and focus, improving concentration and memory, energy boost

A popular oil for stimulating the mind, peppermint is most well-known for its ability to quickly perk you up and keep your mind alert. It’s a bit like getting the energy boost you get from a strong cup of coffee - without the caffeine.

One of the more potent essential oils, the cooling and invigorating aroma of peppermint lifts brain fog by clearing your head, stimulating your mind and helping you concentrate and focus for long periods of time - and all along keeping you wide awake. This makes it the perfect pick-me-up for a mid-afternoon slump or when you are studying.

TRY: To improve mental clarity and focus, mix a drop each of peppermint, wild orange and frankincense and inhale from the palm of your hand.

Lavender Oil For Brain Fog - Calming and Relaxing

Best for: Enhancing sleep, chronic fatigue, anxiety and stress, improves focus and concentration, memory and alertness

Lavender is the go-to essential oil for calming nerves and promoting better sleep. Its scent also helps reduce anxiety and stress that are common triggers for brain fog. A calmer, stress-free mind means clearer thinking and decision making.

While it’s well-known for its ability to relax the body and mind, lavender essential oil has also been found to help make you more alert and boost your stamina and memory.

So, if you’re stressing out about a big project at work, simply take a whiff of lavender to kickstart your thoughts and reasoning. It will also allow you to become more attentive and focussed on the specific task at hand.

TRY: Diffuse a mix of lavender, vetiver and frankincense to soothe the nerves and relieve stress so you can think clearly again.

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Frankincense Oil For Brain Fog - Peace and Wellness

Best for: Brain health, fatigue, anxiety and depression, sharpens the mind, increases memory retention, boosts focus and concentration, improves mood

Often called the ‘king’ of essential oils to lavenders ‘queen’, Frankincense is one of the most valued oils with a long list of brain health benefits. It's particularly effective in easing anxiety and depression and so helps clear brain fog caused by these conditions.

By assisting with cellular repair, it works to keep the brain and neural system healthy. It’s perfect if you want to improve your focus and minimize distractions while boosting concentration. Frankincense also offers much-needed mood support when you are feeling impatient, irritable and restless.

TRY: To banish worried, anxious thoughts, diffuse a blend of vetiver, lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang and Clary sage.

Lemon Oil For Brain Fog - Cleansing and Uplifting

Best for: Mental focus and concentration, chronic fatigue, enhances cognitive function, improves attention and memory, relieves stress, boosts energy and mood

With its fresh, pungent aroma, it’s not surprising that lemon essential oil gives your mind and body a serious lift. It helps clear your fuzzy head, elevate your mood and gives you an immediate energy boost.

The scent of lemon oil is refreshing and does indeed provide mind-boosting benefits like increased focus and concentration. It’s also been shown to be a great stress reliever and memory enhancer.

TRY: Diffuse lemon with rosemary to boost concentration and increase energy.

Vetiver Oil For Brain Fog – Exotic and Grounding

Best for: Calming and balancing, focus and concentration, decreases mental fatigue, reduces stress, improves alertness and brain function

Vetiver essential oil is prized for its powerful calming and grounding effects on the emotions. It soothes a tired mind and increases energy levels which is just what you need to get shot of brain fog.

If you’re struggling to focus on a task and want to keep on the ball, a study found that inhaling vetiver oil decreased mental fatigue and improved both alertness and brain function. It can also be used to alleviate stress, support restful sleep, and help you recover from emotional shock and trauma.

TRY: Combine vetiver with lavender and apply topically to the feet, spine or back of the neck to improve focus and concentration.

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Sweet Basil Oil For Brain Fog - Energizing and Stimulating

Best for: Memory retention, mental strength and clarity, chronic fatigue, focus and concentration, alertness, stimulates the brain, chronic stress and anxiety

When it comes to brain fog or poor memory, sweet basil is an essential oil must-have. An incredibly energizing and restorative oil, sweet basil provides an instant pick-me-up and quickly gives you the brain boost you want. It has also been shown to be very effective in enhancing memory retention.

When focus is important, basil can banish sluggishness, improve concentration and boost alertness. It stimulates, clarifies, calms, fortifies, energizes and uplifts the mind. It is also an effective remedy for stress and anxiety that has been proven to have a similar effect to prescription medication.

TRY: To boost mental clarity, diffuse a mix of rosemary, basil and lavender to provide focus while studying or completing other tasks that require concentration. This blend can also help stave off the forgetfulness that naturally comes with age.

Mandarin Oil For Brain Fog - Joy and Creativity

Best for: Calms the mind, boosts mood, mental alertness, energy and concentration, increases focus and creativity, reduces anxiety and depression

Sometimes referred to as tangerine, mandarin essential oil promotes happiness and optimism. Just like all of the citrus oils, it is perfect for a quick emotional and mental pick-me-up. It can make you feel more mentally alert and energetic – and totally change the tone of your day.

It’s sweet citrus aroma both calms the mind and lifts your mood at the same time. It helps combat stress and hyperactivity, and works wonderfully as an antidepressant. And if you need a quick boost of energy and concentration, it also helps sharpen your focus and spark creative thoughts.

TRY: Mix one drop each of mandarin and peppermint essential oils in your palm and inhale to boost your energy and concentration.

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Sage Oil For Brain Fog - Robust and Stimulating

Best for: Mental clarity, brain health, improves memory, reduces depression, stress and anxiety, mood lifting, balances hormones

Part of the extensive sage family, Spanish sage essential oil has gained attention for its ability to foster insight, enhance memory and stimulate brain function.

Apart from being a brain fog buster by supporting your memory and brain health, it’s known to be effective for treating depression, chronic stress and anxiety. It also elevates mood and alertness, and promotes calmness and contentedness.

Due to the presence of estrogen-like active ingredients, Clary sage promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and in doing so, helps improve hormonal balance and relieve PMS symptoms that can cloud your mind. There is also evidence that sage can help alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause, including brain fog.

TRY: Add ¼ cup of Epsom salts to a warm bath, then add 3 drops of sage and 2 drops of lavender, and soak away your worries.

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Luckily, many brain fog symptoms are considered treatable. Like everything health-related, it starts with addressing the underlying causes, including stress levels, your diet, hormonal imbalances, sleep and exercise.

And then using essential oils to help you along. Want to regain a clear head, focus and bliss? Just choose the essential oils you need to make you more alert, increase your memory, stimulate your thoughts or boost your energy. Mix and match two or more of them to help finally clear your foggy mind…

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If you’re experiencing brain fog symptoms that you suspect could be caused by medical problem or condition like chronic fatigue, you should get them checked out by a doctor before exploring alternative remedies.

There's a difference between an essential oil or simply an oil, which is basically a perfume. If a label does not clearly state that it is an 'essential oil,' then it is not a pure oil and should not be used as suggested.