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Escape the heat with an at-home spa experience

There is no better way to cool off from the heat and unwind after a long day than treating yourself with a relaxing at-home spa experience. A little pampering can go a long way at the best of times, and finding some time for a bit of indulgence and relaxation is an essential part of maintaining personal wellness. With the right combination of DIY facial tools, a wardrobe of essential oils, and a scented candle or two, bringing a healthy dose of escapism to your beauty regimen has never been easier, which means there is no excuse for not taking the time to give yourself some spa-worthy self-care. Here we share some great ideas for how you can create that Zen spa-day atmosphere, soothing aroma, and indulgent beauty experience in your own home. 

Before you begin—some bath essentials

Set the mood and harness the full power of a good soak by upgrading your bath time to some indulgence with Sonoma Lavender’s relaxing lavender bath and beauty products. Whether you are a fan of fragrant essential oils, bubble baths, or a handful of bath salts, the key is in the scent. While aromas are something very personal, your body will be drawn to what they most need. However, certain essential oils hold specific properties that will naturally help your mind and body relax. For example, lavender, known for its calming and soothing properties, is both healing and relaxing. Richly foaming and naturally fragrant, pamper yourself with our classic aromatic and luxuriously rich lavender bubble baths, which are blended with therapeutic essential oils and coconut cleansing formula for a soothing relaxation treat. 

Calming, soothing scents

Look for scents that have a calming effect, such as eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile, that you can put in an essential oil diffuser to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home. Once you have chosen some essential oils, use an oil diffuser to emit these soothing scents throughout your space. Try to diffuse just one oil at a time, or you can combine a few different oils within the same fragrance group. 

Light a scented candle

There is no denying the peace that comes with lighting a scented candle. Part of the relaxing experience of a spa is the scent that envelops you as soon as you step foot in it, and your home should be no different. As with essential oils, if you want a relaxing fragrance, go for candles with notes of lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood to create a soothing ambiance and enjoy a gentle fragrance in your home spa. Candles can create a great way to wind-down after a busy day. Our soy blended candles infused with lavender essential oils are a great way to layer lighting in your space and will give off a calming aroma that will ease anxiety and relax your psyche after a long day at the office. 

A DIY pedi—soak your feet in some bath salts

We often forget that we rely on our feet almost on a daily, and our feet take the daily beating of carrying our bodies. It is unfortunate that our feet are often the most forgotten body part, so it is vital that you take a little time every so often to show them some love! Freshen your toes with a simple at-home pedicure and pamper yourself with a therapeutic foot soak before you paint your toenails. Soak for around 25 to 20 minutes in a tub of warm water up to your ankles, a cup of luxurious, detoxifying lavender-infused bath salts, and a few drops of essential oil to soothe aches, and treat calluses and ease tension and pain. After your feet have soaked for a couple of minutes, apply a generous amount of our lavender salt scrub that gently exfoliates dead skin cells for fresh and revitalized feet. Then finish off by applying our lavender foot balm to help soothe and restore tired, overworked feet. Your feet will be grateful for TLC!  

For a great at home foot treatment: Sonoma Lavender’s Restful Sole Foot Treatment Kit 

Your Hands work so hard they deserve some treat 

Your hands are always working overtime and a regular hand treatment can be a great way for you to relax and reduce the day-to-day feelings of stress. Soak your hands in warm water, then dry your hands. Liberally apply Sonoma Lavender Hand Creme to your clean hands, insert hands first into a plastic bag and then into our warm mittens. Then soothe and relax sore hands with calming lavender scent & moist heat. Relax yourself and enjoy a relaxing spa treatment at home!!  

Our Recommendation: Sonoma Lavender Spa Mitten & Hand Creme 

Dry brushing

For a DIY at-home spa treatment that is guaranteed to help you unwind (while also providing beauty benefits), consider doing a session of dry brushing for a full-body exfoliation. Not only does it feel great, but it has a ton of beauty benefits. Dry brushing is a great way to increase blood flow throughout your body and stimulate collagen production, which helps to strengthen your skin. It also dramatically increases elasticity, so it is great for lifting and toning. Before getting in the shower, you can use a long dry brush to scrub gently, starting from the tops of your feet and working your way upward toward the heart. Make sure to scrub the backside of your body as best you can. 

Spa masks

Spa masks are an essential aid in helping you tune out the troubles of the world during your spa treatment. It helps gently rest your eyesby knocking out light so that you can shut out your worries during your short personal time on the spa chair or bed. A spa mask also adds to the pampering by providing some additional warmth or cold, whichever you need. Soft and plush, it rests gently on your eyes and helps the troubles of the world melt away as you enjoy your treatment. Our range of spa masks, scented with lavender, eucalyptus, Ocean Aire or Timber Lake, have flax seeds sown into them, which are excellent for retaining heat/cold and apply an acupressure effect to the face, particularly around your eyes. The overall experience is one of enhanced rejuvenation for both your body and mind. Sonoma Lavender’s spa masks can be heated or chilled for a relaxing and soothing treatment, and the covers are machine washable. 

One of our favorites: Sonoma Lavender Angora Platinum Spa Mask

Finish off with a body glow treatment

Treat yourself to a Sonoma Lavender sumptuous aromatherapy body glow treatment at-home spa kit. Our lavender salt scrub formula exfoliates, moisturizes, and detoxes all in one exhilarating treatment. Next, apply a generous amount of lavender-infused shower gel to cleanse, nourish, and soothe your skin. Then hydrate your skin with our body lotion, which is packed with natural ingredients to restore and improve the texture of your skin. Your skin will love you for this treatment! 

Nothing says rest and relaxation after a long day more than an at-home spa-like experience! Our incredible selection of paraben-free luxury bath and body products will help you turn the ordinary into extraordinary! From rich, foamy bubble baths to healing and revitalizing foot balms, Sonoma Lavender will have you covered from your tips to your toes! Sonoma Lavender brings the spa experience to your home as we use authentic ingredients to stimulate your senses while providing pure relaxation and wellness with our exceptional range of products. For more information on our luxurious bath and body products, contact us today!