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Bring Summer into Your Home with These Fresh Ideas

Get ready to spruce up your living space and refresh your home with these summer decorating ideas! It is time to say goodbye to winter design elements and bring in the colors and crafty décor items inspired by this lively time of year. If you are short on summer decorating ideas, then you are in luck. Step into summer with these fresh and creative home décor ideas that are sure to brighten up your home! Here are some easy ways you can bring summer into your home.

Invite Nature Indoors

Decorating for summer is all about reflecting the beauty outside into your home. One of our favorite ways to bring the beauty of summer indoors is to have foliage inside. Bringing in the sprigs, greenery, and of course, flowers is literally like bringing summer right into your home. Anything you can create with natural items will be not only super thrifty but also beautiful!

Freshen Up the Indoors with Greenery and Fresh Flowers

Get creative and bring nature indoors by gathering some seashells, fresh flowers, and blooming branches. Plants can add an organic dimension to an indoor space. A fun way to incorporate summer flowers into your summer decorating is to place them in a watering can or clay pot. Celebrate the return of warm weather by adding beauty and fragrance to your home with beautiful arrangements of summer flowers! Look for bright, fresh flowers, like peonies, sunflowers, carnations, tulips, and hydrangeas to create a summery feel. If fresh flowers are not your thing, do not forget the beauty of green flowering plants. Just a few simple sprigs of fresh eucalyptus or other greenery can bring so much life and color to a room.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are a perfect summer décor that infuses life and warmth into your space. However, indoor plants do more than enliven your home's atmosphere. Plants inside your home have a therapeutic effect and can bring several health benefits. They can improve the air quality inside your home, increase humidity levels, and reduce the amount of dust. Do yourself a favor and bring more summertime greenery into your home life! Use potted plants to keep that fresh, airy feeling both indoors and out. It will instantly rejuvenate and inject life back into your home, whether you choose to go for a large statement plant or opt for a few smaller ones to line your windowsill. Choose types that do not need too much sunlight and are almost impossible to kill, like succulents, terrariums, or bamboo palms.

White Fabrics & Light Materials

There is something magical about white. Not only does it add instant crispness to an interior, but it also seems to bounce light around and make any color and texture come to life. The quickest and most effective way to bring white into your décor is to incorporate white fabrics. Throws for summer should be light, breathable, and made of summer-friendly fabrics such as cotton or linen. Swap out the heavy blankets and flannel sheets with some crisp, white linens. Simply refreshing your look by switching out your heavy winter blankets, throws, and pillows with lighter-weight and lighter-toned versions will make your space feel calm and cool. From white bedding to light-colored accessories and transparent curtains, there are ways to let light in that makes your home a more inviting place to feel refreshed during the summer.

Scents to Freshen Up Your Home

Incorporate summer scents around your home as much as you can. You can switch out candles, room spray, hand soaps, and even body washes. Try fresh aromas such as coconut, eucalyptus, or lavender for the summer months. Consider placing some scented candles and lavender room diffusers around your home, adding a touch of color and aroma to your space. You can leverage aromatherapy to soothe or reinvigorate yourself with a selection of scents that positively impact your body and mind. Inspire the senses with some essential oils to provide a relaxing aroma found at spas. 

Fresh aromas and beautiful fragrances are some of the best ways of adding a classy finishing touch to any room in the house. Our scented sachet bags provide beautiful and relaxing scents that will entice your senses each time you walk into the room. Scented sachet bags not only fill a space with great aroma but are also highly decorative and will make your home look as good as it feels. Included in our OceanAire scents are:

Scented Candles in a Decorative Glass 
Our soy-infused candles come in an iridescent glass jar with a beautifully wrapped wooden lid with a ribbon bow. These scented candles are not only beautiful and full of aroma but also create a cozy, spa-like atmosphere that will encourage you to relax.

Fragrant Room Spritzer
Make your bathroom smell fresh with a spritz or two of our fragrant room spritzers. These spritzers will instantly refresh the room and can also be sprayed in targeted areas around your home, especially before parties, for that inviting and refreshing feeling.

Scented Soaps and Sachets
Our aroma-filled soaps are fun and uniquely designed. From mermaid-shaped soaps to seashell-shaped soaps, these scented soaps also contain coconut oil and glycerin for that extra care.

Let the Sunshine In

Throw open the windows, draw up the blinds and push back heavy curtains with light tie-backs. If you like your privacy but still want to lighten up a room, switch out heavy blackout curtains for a light voile or sheer fabric. Welcome in bright streaks of sunlight, as well as that much-needed evening breeze. It allows the sunlight to pour in, enhancing your mood and making any room look more spacious and lively. Opt for lightweight, sheer curtains for the summer season. If you want to keep your windows covered but would like some natural light, you could cover the window with a translucent white curtain and combine it with brightly colored curtains on either side to add some pops of color. This summer decorating tip also comes with a bonus. You will get more natural sunlight throughout the day, so you will not have to use your lamps as often.

Pops of Color 

One of the most inexpensive and effective ways for summer decorating is to incorporate splashes of color in various rooms of your home. Add pops of bright colors throughout the house. Bright blues, purples, pinks, yellows, and greens liven up the home and set the tone for summer. You can completely transform an area in your house by simply placing a few colorful accents, like brightly colored vases, rugs, and frames. To make a statement, use simple pieces that are brightly colored in various places around the home. Pops of color are quickly noticeable and draw the eyes directly to them. Consider using pastels, such as greens or pinks, for your accent pieces. Pillows and rugs are excellent options for incorporating that pop of color. Along with colors, stripes are fun patterns for your throw pillows or blankets. The trick is to blend fun patterns with bold colors for a stylish summer look.

Go beyond decorating for form and function and step into the realm of decorating to indulge the senses. Create an instantly distinctive ambiance and feel in your home with our range of lavender candles and other accent products. When you decorate and furnish your home with lavender-colored and scented accent pieces, you are doing more than just decorating. You decorate while harnessing all the wonderful therapeutic qualities of lavender.

There are so many ways to bring summertime into your home. For more home décor ideas to bring summer into your home, browse our lavender home accents collections available online at Sonoma Lavender Co., and feel free to get in touch with us today.