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5 Wonderful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The vast majority of baby shower events are centered around giving the soon-to-be parents gifts that they can use when caring for their new baby. However, have you ever stopped to think that the parents need some spoiling, too? After all, they are in for endless sleepless nights, countless diaper changes, and plenty of stress as they figure out how to adapt to their new ‘normal’. 

With this in mind, here are five wonderful baby shower gift ideas to consider adding to your list, from lavender scented stuffed animals (which will be great for both baby as well as mom and dad) to lavender scented bath essentials and home accents. 

Lavender Scented Stuffed Animals 

Lovingly hand-filled with lavender and flaxseed, our scented stuffed animals are certain to bring a sense of calm to the new little one, as well as to mom and dad. The gorgeous lavender scented stuffed animals from Sonoma Lavender Co. collection are more than just delightful from a scent perspective, they are extremely comforting and snuggly too. This is because they are both soft to the touch and heatable, making for a perfect bedtime companion. Sonoma Lavender stuffed animals provide relaxation and restful sleep with warmth and soothing lavender scent. Simply place them inside the tumble dryer or the microwave for a few seconds and enjoy! 

Our lavender scented stuffed animals are available in a variety of adorable forms, including Lu Lu, the French Poodle, Lovey the Lamb, Lou the Teddy Bear, Lucky the Dog, Ellie the Elephant, Lil the Rabbit, Spunky the Monkey and Kaylee the Koala Bear

The parents-to-be will be delighted to know that our lavender aromatherapy stuffed animals can also be easily laundered. Just remove the fragrant insert, place the animal into the washing machine, and wash as per normal. Not suitable for children under 2 years.

Lavender Scented Bath and Body Products 

Tired parents will undoubtedly find relief by treating themselves and enjoying the luxury of spa at home with Sonoma Lavender Co bath and body products. Did you know that lavender has been proven to help calm the nerves and reduce stress and tension? That is why it is the most commonly used scent in the world of aromatherapy! Maximize the power of this irresistible fragrance with bath and body products from Sonoma Lavender Co. Enriched with natural ingredients, our bath and body moisturize, leaving your skin delightfully nourished. So, let the soothing scent of the highest quality lavender calm your senses and help relieve tension. You may choose from a wide range of our products such as:

  • Fragrant lavender body lotion
  • Luxuriously rich lavender bath and shower gel
  • Luxuriously rich lavender bubble bath
  • Luxuriously moisturizing lavender hand crème
  • Luxuriously lavender foot balm
  • Lavender infused sea salt bath
  • Lavender infused bath salts
  • Lavender scented bar soaps

These lavender scented bath and body products will always be appreciated. Everyone knows how ‘me time’ is in short supply after the birth of a baby. The lavender scented products will soothe your senses, helping to ensure that mom and dad both feel pampered and properly cared for when they need it most! 

Lavender Home Accents 

For a beautiful looking and fragrant home, our lavender scented home accents are a top choice. They come in handy when new parents are taking care of their little bundle and are struggling to find the time to tackle the house work. Lavender scented home accents will aid in keeping the home fresh and presentable. Some of our best sellers include:

  • Lavender scented soy votive candles
  • Lavender infused linen water
  • Lavender scented candles in decorative glass containers
  • Lavender scented cuddle throws
  • Lavender room diffusers

Lavender infused linen water is a particularly good choice to give as a baby shower gift, as it can be used on the baby’s sheets to encourage better quality sleep and more consistent sleep habits. Tired, yet anxious parents will also find that it is easier for them to fall asleep and remain asleep for longer periods when they have spritzed their own sheets with some of this fragrant linen water. The 16 oz bottle is packed full of fragrant linen water that should last for months at a time, even when used on a daily basis.  

The lavender room diffusers are wonderful gifts too because they help to ensure that the pleasant lavender fragrance is constantly wafting through the house. This can assist in stabilizing the new parents’ moods and promoting a feeling of calm and contentment throughout the living space. 

Enjoy lavender home accents to make every space in your home exciting, calming and mood uplifting. The fresh scent of lavender is calming and relaxing, great for restful sleep. For the mind and spirit, lavender balances, strengthens and refreshes. 

Heatable Spa Collection 

When exhausted parents need a break from the world, they can turn to their heatable lavender spa essentials and literally feel their stress and tension melting away. The Sonoma Lavender Co. heatable spa collection consists of the following:

  • Heat wraps
  • Heated slippers
  • Heated eye masks
  • Heated booties
  • Heated mittens
  • Heated blankets
  • Heated bolster rolls

The heated lavender slippers and booties are ideal options, especially considering how much time new parents will be spending on their feet. From burping baby to rocking him or her to sleep, parents will often find themselves standing for hours on end. Now, at least, they will be doing it with some fragrant, cushioned comfort underfoot. 

Heated eye masks are another top choice. A lack of sleep can result in tired, red eyes. These lavender scented essentials will help to reduce eye strain and revitalize the senses in just a few minutes. They act as a wonderful pick-me-up after one of those seemingly endless nights when the baby is experiencing a growth spurt and is waking more frequently than usual.  

So, enjoy the luxury of the spa at home with Sonoma Lavender’s heated collection. Let the scent of the highest-quality lavender soothe your senses as the gentle weight of flaxseed helps to relieve tension with moist warmth. Use yours hot or cool whenever you need to take a moment to relax and unwind  

Miscellaneous Gifts 

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong when giving the gift of Sonoma Lavender Co! We have provided a large collection of stunning and fragrant gift options from which to choose, all of which would be perfectly fitting for a baby shower. These gifts include:

  • Lavender sachets for placing in drawers
  • Silk lavender scented eye masks and eye pillows
  • Silk lavender heart sachets perfect for decorating the new baby’s nursery
  • Lavender scented hanging sachets
  • Lavender Sachet-By-The-Yard
  • Lavender gift sets consisting of four special lavender scented items, such as guest bar soap, candles, and eye pillows

Time to buy one of those lavender scented stuffed animals? Or maybe you have your eye on the bath and body must-haves? Regardless of the specific gift option that has sparked your interest, you can place your order effortlessly online right now. Simply add your chosen item(s) to the cart and check out by providing us with your delivery and payment details. Contact us today for more information or if you have any questions regarding our microwaveable stuffed animals, lavender candles or other fragrant essentials.