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5 Great Ideas for Treating Your Mom this Mother’s Day!

She is always there for you and is the source of true unconditional love and acceptance – so spoil her this Mother’s Day (and every day thereafter!)? As much as you want to get her something special, you may be stumped for ideas. Enter Sonoma Lavender Co. We have put together five wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas, with a focus on aromatic lavender gifts, that we hope will inspire you to make that extra effort for the most important woman in your life. 

five great ideas for treating your mom this mother’s day



If anyone needs plenty of well-deserved pampering, it is our mothers! Luckily, it is easy for them to relax and savor some me-time with the help of the luxury bath and body products from the Sonoma Lavender Co. lavender shop. Our luxury bath and body products are diverse and include:

  • Lavender essential oil: Rub a tiny amount on the wrists or sprinkle a few drops into your bath water and it is possible to reap the many benefits of the powerful aroma of lavender. There is evidence to suggest that it can help to combat anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. Calming and uplifting also great for lifting your mood.  
  • Lavender spray mist: Your mom can use this handy spray mist to fill any room with the relaxing scent of lavender whenever required. Perhaps after a tiring day at work or just before some special guests are due to arrive. 
  • Lavender scented bath and shower gel: This bath and shower gel smells glorious and is designed to cleanse, moisturize and restore the skin. A nourishing herbal blend is combined with antioxidant-rich vitamin E to soothe and protect your skin. 
  • Lavender scented body lotion: Your mom can maximize her skin’s moisture and softness after a bath or shower using this smooth and creamy lavender body lotion. Combined with mango seed butter for soft supple skin, this refreshing, restorative and nourishing lotion hydrates and soothes skin giving it a youthful, revived feel. 
  • Lavender scented bubble bath: Our bubble bath consists of lavender essential oils and a hint of coconut to soothe and restore both body and mind. 


What is more comforting than the uplifting smell of lavender? The uplifting smell of lavender in conjunction with a bit of warmth! That is the reason why our selection of heatable, lavender-enriched spa gifts are so incredibly popular. All of these lavender gifts are designed to be effortlessly heated when placed inside the microwave or tumble dryer to bring maximum relaxation and relief whenever necessary. 

These gifts also double up as ice packs. They can also be placed inside the fridge or freezer for the opposite effect – wonderful for treating inflammation and injuries. 

Here are a few examples of these heatable spa gifts:

  • Heatable weighty spa blankies: There is scientific evidence to suggest that weighted blankets can aid in warding off symptoms associated with anxiety. They bring lots of comfort, especially when combined with warmth and the aroma of the highest quality of lavender to soothe your senses as the gentle weight of flax seeds helps to relieve tension with moist warmth. Our spa blankies all weigh over four pounds.
  • Heatable bootie slippers: The ultimate in relaxation and heat therapy for your tired, cold dry feet. Slip your exhausted feet into a pair of our bootie slippers and go about the rest of your evening in style and coziness. 
  • Heatable neck pillows: These neck pillows are perfect for moms who tend to carry tension in the neck area, or those who suffer from frequent headaches or migraines. Heat the neck pillow for relief from tension and cool it down for relief from headaches. 
  • Heatable spa masks: Place our soft-to-the-touch spa masks over tired eyes and you will immediately feel a sense of relief and comfort. 

All heatable spa gifts come with removable covers that can be laundered inside the washing machine for your convenience. 


A cozy spa robe is a mom’s must-have and the ultimate wintertime spoil. So light, so warm and so fluffy inside and out, a luxury mom deserves! Our shawl-style spa robes come in three stunning colors, namely lilac, ivory and plum, and are softer than you could ever imagine. They will be delivered pristinely folded in an organza bag with a large lavender sachet to keep in the pocket or a drawer. These spa robes make for a lovely gift for your mom and come in a ‘one-size fits most’ design. They should comfortably fit women in the size 6 to 12 range.


Your mom will be immensely proud of her home if you allow her to spruce it up with some lavender scented home accents from our lavender shop! We can provide you with lavender scented candles in lovely ceramic jars, lavender linen water, lavender diffusers, and cuddle throws. 

Our lavender candles are undoubtedly one of our most sought-after home accents. They are carefully infused with lavender essential oils and are designed to burn for up to 40 hours. Lovingly hand-poured, they are four inches tall and will always be delivered to you in beautiful gift-worthy packaging. 

One of our best sellers that makes for a great gift for Mother’s Day is the Lavender Take-Out-Box, that includes a charming collection of lavender soap, bath salts, lavender votive candle and lavender sachet. This is a treasure trove of delightful lavender goodies that mom will love.

Our lavender linen water is another ideal gift that your mom will appreciate. A few spritzes on bed sheets or clothing and she will be able to enjoy the gorgeous aroma for hours on end. 


If you know that your mom adores the scent of lavender, why not keep it simple and give her something from our extensive range of botanicals? Select from the following:

  • Dried bouquets of French lavender: These refreshing bouquets come with a beautiful bow wrapped around them so that they look just as gorgeous as they smell. 
  • Dried French lavender in bulk: This lavender gift is made up of the aromatic buds of the French lavender plant. The buds are stored inside plastic packaging and finished off with a pretty ribbon as a finishing touch. This is a great gift for moms who love to make lavender sachets.  
  • Dried French lavender in decorative canisters: This lavender gift is similar to the bulk option as mentioned above but is slightly smaller in size and comes stored in a decorative canister as opposed to plastic. 

Shop our online store today to buy the perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day. Not only are they perfect for Mother’s Day, but they also work well as thoughtful birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, and ‘get well soon’ gifts too! Happy browsing. We hope you enjoy every moment spent in our virtual lavender shop.