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18 Pampering Spa Gifts That’ll Make Her Feel Absolutely Relaxed

Relaxation gift ideas with calming lavender aromatherapy…

Pampering Spa Gifts That’ll Make Her Feel Absolutely Relaxed


Who doesn’t want a little relaxing, chill out me-time? What with the day-to-day stresses of our jobs, family and in our lives right now, it’s pretty much a given that most of the women you know are overworked and exhausted – and all in desperate need of some good ol’ self-care.

While you can’t sort out their hectic lives, a pampering spa gift with calming lavender aromatherapy will go a long way to help them relax and forget all their worries – and give them a much-needed break…

From relaxing gifts that will reward her with deeper sleep or a blissful bath, pamper her feet or max out a massage, to those that turn her home into a peaceful oasis - here are some of the best pampering gift ideas that will help bring her back to the calm she longs for. After all, it’s hard to stay stressed when you’re being pampered, right?


Sonoma Lavender relaxing sleep gifts for her

Most of us know of a sleep deprived insomniac - or a friend who truly loves and lives for her sleep. Either way, she’ll really appreciate the ultimate gift of a good night’s snooze. Known as the Queen of Sleep, lavender is one of the best ways to naturally ease her into dreamland…

Give her the gift of a lavender sleep oasis. A gorgeous bedtime ritual gift set filled with an array of luxury lavender goodies including a bed linen spray, a long-lasting soy candle, a silk sleep mask and 100% pure lavender essential oil - one whiff and she’ll be sound asleep before she knows it.

After a long hard day, something as simple as a lavender sleep mask can make all the difference to a good night’s sleep. It not only knocks back the light, but soothing lavender aromatherapy calms both the mind and body. Made of the softest silk, it’s also gentle on your face. Beauty sleep defined…

Kaylee the Koala is a unique relaxing gift that will help anyone who loves cuddling go to sleep. Warmed in the microwave to release a calming lavender scent, nodding off with this oh-so-cute soft plush animal is the perfect fragrant huggable treat. Not into koalas? It comes in lamb and poodle too.

💜 SHOP NOW: Bedtime Ritual At-Home Spa Kit $66.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Sleep Mask in Embroidered Silk $22.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Heatable Huggable Lavender Kaylee The Koala $39.95


pampering spa gifts shawl robe lavender bath salts relaxing spa bath kit


Time for her to take a post work break-out and melt away the stress. Skip the shower, grab a book, and relax and unwind with a glass of wine in a soothing lavender bath. No phones allowed. Indulgent pampering self-care guaranteed…

Give her the gift of some much-needed me-time with this luxury bath butler gift basket. This stunning white wicker basket includes relaxing lavender bathing ritual items to indulge all her senses - a rich bath-shower gel, gentle bath puff, fragrant body lotion, soy votive candle and a heatable spa mask to soothe her eyes as she lies back and soaks up all the goodness...

Presented in a cute honey jar with a cork lid and wooden spoon, this gorgeous bath sea salts gift will add a dash of luxury to both her bathroom and bath. Infused with lavender aromatherapy to not only calm the mind, but also soothe away achy joints and tight muscles. Her skin will feel super soft post-bath, too.

Nothing is as comfy as this plush ultra-luxe lavender spa bath robe that’s as soft and smooth as fine, fluffy feathers. She’ll adore enveloping herself in its luxurious softness that is sure to help her instantly relax and unwind. Available in four dreamy colours and arrives with a calming lavender sachet for the pocket. 

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Bath Butler Kit $69.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Bath Salts In Honey Jar $18.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Ultra-Luxe Plush Lilac Shawl Robe $119.95


chill out gifts sonoma lavender

The ultimate luxury? Chill out time for yourself. When you cozy up on the couch with your favorite snack and that movie you’ve been dying to watch. You love it - and so will that stressed-out woman in your life. Treat her with one of these luxurious chill-out gifts so she can spoil herself in comfort.

High stress comes with tense muscles and knots. Warmed in the microwave, this weighted spa blankie in plush angora faux fur with lavender aromatherapy will provide soothing warming relief for tired achy muscles on the neck, back, and shoulders. The best-ever stress relief gift.

Let her chill-out in luxury with a gift of an ultra-soft faux angora fur cuddle throw. This gorgeous plush blanket has the softest solid cuddle interior for supreme snug comfort. Best of all? It will look as good as it feels draped over the top of the couch.

After a long stressful day, she can take time out to relax and re-energize with this faux angora fur spa mask. Infused with the calming scent of lavender, this mask can be chilled to soothe sore tired eyes, or warmed to promote deep relaxation of the body, mind and soul. The ultimate chill out treat.

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Spa Blankie In Platinum Angora $84.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Cuddle Throw in Luxurious Platinum Angora Fur $149.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Spa Mask in Platinum Angora $29.95

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Give the gift of serious blissed-out benefits to the ones you love most. An at-home massage is one of the best pampering and self-care gifts - it will make her feel happier, relieve stress, improve sleep and ease all those tense muscles. A much-needed health and wellness break she totally deserves.

An all-over exfoliating salt scrub massage is a great place to start. Enriched with skin loving oils and minerals to pamper the body, this lavender salt scrub exfoliates, moisturizes and detoxes in one uplifting treatment. How to feel brand new in one easy step…

Warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, this luxurious faux fur lavender bolster roll is a must-have for neck comfort during a massage, but can also multitask as support for under the knees and as soothing pain relief for the lower back. It’s a gorgeous décor piece for the bed or couch too.

Finally, calm her body and mind with a relaxing lavender massage oil gift packed with a bunch of skin loving benefits. Help her relax, unwind and restore with a generously rich blend of pure lavender oil to calm and repair, jojoba oil to soothe and moisturize, and grapeseed oil to build collagen and improve skin tone.

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Salt Scrub $29.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Bolster Roll in Platinum Angora $54.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Generously Rich Lavender Massage Oil $19.95


pampering spa gifts fur booties spa foot care gift lavender foot balm


Sore tired feet are pretty much a given after a long hard day of running around after kids or at work. When your mom or BFF needs a little foot TLC, spoil her with the heavenly bliss of a luxurious spa foot pampering gift to gently soothe and ease away the pains and strains of the day…

Her feet will fall in love with these unbelievably soft faux fur heatable spa booties. Infused with calming lavender, simply pop them in the microwave to keep the feet warm and cozy all winter long. It’s literally like giving her feet a warm soothing hug - every night.

Containing everything needed for a luxurious spa foot pampering session, this lavender foot care gift basket includes an exfoliating salt scrub, a rich moisturizing foot balm, super-soft faux fur spa footies and a lavender spray mist for the ultimate relaxing treat. A self-care spoil for sore dry feet.

Give her time for some heel-to-toe pampering every day with this little jar of luxuriously rich moisturising foot balm. Enriched with lavender essential oil to relax and soothe, peppermint to rejuvenate and deeply moisturizing mango butter, it’s the definition of heavenly paradise for feet.

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Spa Booties in Arctic Circle Faux Fur $54.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Restful Sole Foot Treatment Kit with Arctic Circle Footies $87.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Luxurious Lavender Foot Balm $19.95


pampering spa gifts lavender candle lavender diffuser lavender sachets


Bring an aura of tranquillity into her home after a stressful day. Lavender doesn’t just smell good but also transforms any room into a sanctuary of calm. And when you can give the relaxing gift of calm with home décor items that are as beautiful as they smell, even better…

This stylish long-lasting lavender candle will bring a soft, calming aromatic light to any room plus a dash of elegance and charm as a décor piece in its own right. Scattered around, they will make the entire room look beautiful, which is a total mood booster too.

In search of a home diffuser gift that is not only calming and relaxing but adds style to any room? Perfectly packaged in a stunning gold gift bag embellished with a silk bouquet, this unique glass lavender room diffuser comes with a sprig of lavender and diffuser reeds. A striking pop of pretty.

Guaranteed to be a conversation starter, these gorgeous lavender flower top sachets can be artfully arranged on a stylish platter or in pretty bowls and scattered throughout her home. A stunning stress relief gift to bring an aromatic sense of calm into any home.

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Scented Lilac Candle in Decorative Glass $19.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Room Diffuser $44.95

💜 SHOP NOW: Lavender Flower-Top 3" Sachet (One) $9.95

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