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10 Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas

We are just a month away from yet another Father’s Day, and, like most of us, you are probably pondering once again what you should get for the man who seems to have everything! Sonoma Lavender has compiled a list of thoughtful Father’s Day gift suggestions to show you care and make him smile.

10 Father's Day Gifts For The Coolest Dad Ever

Dads seldom take the time to spoil themselves, so this day offers the perfect opportunity for you to lavish yours with gifts and a bit of pampering. You know better than we do what your Dad would most appreciate receiving from you this Father’s Day. Nonetheless, we are pretty sure that at least one of these options will hit the mark, so take a look at these options and choose the one that will make the perfect Father’s Day gift for the perfect dad. 

Stylish Engraved Watch

A quality timepiece is a gift that almost everyone can appreciate. Even if your dad already has a watch or two, he probably would still appreciate a new one - especially if it is personalized and carries a reminder of the occasion and the person - or people - who gave it to him. Choose one that suits his style and then have it custom engraved with a message of love and appreciation. It is sure to be something he will treasure for years to come.

A New Leather Wallet

Is your Dad still carrying around the same wallet he’s had for years? Bent slightly out of shape from being crammed into his pocket over and over, coming apart at the seams, maybe even a little discolored? When you point it out to him, he just shrugs and says, “It still does the job.” Why not upgrade his accessory style this year with a new leather wallet - preferably one that is compact and minimalistic? You can also customize it with a special Father’s Day message laser engraved into the leather. 

Personalized Travel Mug

If your Dad is a coffee lover, a personalized travel mug might be just the gift for him. A double-wall insulated tumbler will keep his drinks hot for up to 24 hours. If he prefers cold drinks, this mug will keep his beverage chilled for up to 36 hours. You can get it in his favorite color and add whatever text or designs you like.

Beer Cap Holder

If your dad is a true beer connoisseur, it can be a lot of fun to collect and display the caps from the various brews he has sampled. Beer cap holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from glass-fronted boxes to slotted display charts. One of these might make a great addition to his home bar.

A Quality Electric Shaver

Help your dad make his daily grooming easier and more stylish with a high-end electric shaver. The various models on the market today come with handy settings that allow him to choose if he wants a clean shave, a little designer stubble, or a carefully trimmed beard. Shaving and trimming can be done with minimal fuss, almost anywhere.

BBQ Set For The Grill-Master

A personalized BBQ set, complete with a stylish, monogrammed storage case, would be a welcome addition the next time your Dad fires up the grill. There are fine three-piece sets available (tongs, fork, spatula) with well-crafted wooden or bamboo handles. Have Dad’s initials engraved on the handles and storage case to make the gift extra special. 

Heatable/Chillable Spa Collection

For the man who has everything, Sonoma Lavender can offer something that will bring an extra touch of much-needed luxury and relaxation. Your dad probably doesn’t usually think to pamper himself or sit down at the end of a long day with heated or chillable spa accessories to ease his tired muscles. Get him something from our spa collection and they will soon become an integral part of his daily relaxation routine. When warmed in a microwave or tumble dryer, our blankets, heat wraps, mittens, neck pillows and roll pillows provide warmth and comfort and will ease away the tension in muscles that have been worked at the office, gym, on the road, on the golf course, or during the latest DIY project. The deep moist heat combined with a soothing fragrance and the weight of natural flaxseed make these products the ultimate indulgence.


Aside from offering sun protection, sunglasses are an essential fashion accessory that helps the wearer establish their particular sense of style. A new pair of sunglasses is a great way to refresh your Dad’s look. Whether he doesn’t normally wear sunglasses, or insists on wearing ones that have long gone out of style, he is likely to appreciate a set of quality new shades.

For The Golfer - Personalized Golf Shoe Bag & Golf Towel

Many Dads love nothing more than hitting the golf course on a sunny morning. Help your Dad stand out among his friends and rivals with personalized golfing accessories, including a shoe bag, a towel, caddy bag and more.  

Specialty Coffee Maker

For the real coffee lover, a proper, barista-level coffee maker is the Holy Grail of kitchen appliances. Splash out a little and give your dad the gift of equipping him to brew his own delicious espressos and lattes in the comfort of his own home. 

Whatever else you decide to get your Dad from among the best Father’s Day gift ideas this year, throw in a Sonoma Lavender spa accessory to help make the day extra special. Contact us for more information about our heatable spa collection and other gift ideas.