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10 Special ways to pamper your mom this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day might be a month away, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start planning now. This special day only comes once a year, allowing you to appreciate and pamper your beloved mother, because in your life she is that special! So, make this a particularly special one with as much treating and pampering as you can fit into a single day! Here are ten suggestions to help you show your mom plenty of love and appreciation. By doing some or even all of these, you are sure to make this Mother’s Day a truly unforgettable one. 

1. Give Her the Ultimate Spa Experience revise 

A spa visit is the ultimate way to spoil oneself or someone you love. Schedule some deep pampering for your mom with an appointment at a luxury spa. If it isn’t possible to get to a spa because of the current COVID-19 restrictions, then you could always plan a home spa experience. For a great spa-at-home indulgence, Sonoma Lavender has some excellent solutions for you!  It could include a massage with essential oils, a manicure, a pedicure, a face mask, and a luxurious soak in a bubble bath. Sonoma Lavender’s Body & Bath and Heatable Spa collections will provide you with everything you need. What’s more, there are also readymade, beautifully presented spa-at-home readymade kits for you to spoil your amazing mother this year. A “Restful Sole Treatment” kit, just what mom needs to pamper those overused, dry and weary feet. And for a great night sleep, “Bedtime Ritual” kit is just what she needs to achieve that deep relaxing sleep she deserves. And even better, for a well-rested face, “The-Eyes-Have-It” kit is recommended to give her some great relaxation and soothe her psyche. All these wonderful goodies scream Mother’s Day made!! 

Sonoma Lavender Restful Sole Kit      Sonoma Lavender Bedtime Ritual Kit

2. Prepare a Delicious Breakfast 

Before starting any of the other activities on your list, lay on a delicious, healthy (maybe even a little decadent) morning feast, complete with your mom’s favorite breakfast foods. It could be a stack of pancakes, a gourmet omelette or frittata, a Full English or a spread of fresh fruits with muesli and Greek yogurt - or a dish with more personal significance. You could serve it to her in bed or gather everyone together for a family breakfast.

3. Pamper Her with Lovely Beauty Products 

Aside from organizing a spa treatment for your mom, you can also give her some extravagant products for her to include in her bathtime and beauty regime. Put together a hamper complete with Sonoma Lavender essential oils, bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, foot balm, salt scrub, soaps and more. Besides all of Sonoma Lavender’s bath and body’s fabulous offerings, an extraordinary gift for mom is the “Bath Butler” kit, and it has everything mom needs for a relaxing bathing me-time that includes a lavender votive candle to relax her mind and soothe her senses. 

Sonoma Lavender Bath Butler

4. Go Through Old Albums Together While Spoiling Her with Her Favorite Treats

Take a little trip down memory lane. Pull out all those old photo albums that nobody has looked at for a few years and relive all the precious moments. As you do so, serve tea or coffee and all the treats your mom loves - and perhaps tends to deny herself at times.

5. Accompany Her to Do Something You Know She's Been Wanting to Do for a Long Time

Moms are busy people. They spend their time doing what needs to be done, meaning that many things that they would like to do end up being side-lined. Take note of activities she mentions in conversation and make plans to do them on the Mother’s Day weekend.

6. Go on a Shopping Spree

If you’re not exactly sure what to get for your mom, you can always take her out and let her choose for herself. Hit the local mall and treat her to whatever she desires. And with the pandemic still been an issue, why not go online and indulge her in all that she loves and enjoys. Because with a simple click away she can get her favourites delivered at her doorstep. 

7. The Gift of a Clean House

How much time does your mom spend cleaning her home, or talking about how she wishes it could be cleaner? Has she mentioned that she wishes she had time to clean out the attic or basement? Get the family together, or hire professionals if you can, and get to work making your mom’s home cleaner than she remembers ever seeing it. Clear out the clutter she’s been dying to get rid of, polish the floors or steam clean the carpets. Go all out. To keep her space smelling fresh, calm and inviting, try the lavender diffuser, she will love you for this treat!

Lavender Diffuser

8. Update her Look

Is a wardrobe revamp long overdue? There is no time like the present to get her some great new outfits to suit every occasion. Either surprise her with some classy additions to her wardrobe or make this part of your Mother’s Day shopping trip.

9. Get Her to Relax

Whatever else happens on Mother’s Day, the important thing is that your mom puts her feet up for a while. She needs to forget the things she usually worries about, and it’s your responsibility to help her do that. If your mom is someone who finds it difficult to relax, give her everything she needs to help her do so. Assure her that the usual tasks are taken care of - or can wait - and fill her day with everything that makes her happy and puts her in a calm frame of mind. Run a nice warm bath with lavender bath sea salts filled with detoxifying powers, light a candle, and allow her to relax and enjoy her special day.  

Take Out Box

10. Pamper Her with Luxury Spa Gifts like Soft Slippers and a Spa Robe

Besides quality bath and beauty products, throw some luxurious heatable spa products into your Mother’s Day gift packages. These are items she can use at the end of a long day, to help her relax and pamper herself. Consider pair of bootie slippers to help soothe her tired feet after a long day’s work, or a plush, soft, Ultra-Luxe robe made from the world's softest microfibers.  They are luxuriously thick and generously sized to wrap your mom in pure splendour. A heatable animal or a comforting lavender Heart Pillow is highly recommended, great to keep her company and just too cute to have, and a great reminder to say, I love you mom and happy Mother’s Day to you, you are the best! Fabulous products filled with premium quality lavender and flaxseed to give a calming and soothing lavender scent, all lovingly handcrafted in Sonoma, California since 1998!

This Mother’s Day, Sonoma Lavender has loads of gift ideas to help you make this day extra special. Browse our selection of spa and beauty products or contact us for more information. Customer Service: 707-708-0488 

Comforting Heart Pillow      Lavender Heatable Lovey Lamb