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5 At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Treatments For When You Really Need To Chill

DIY lavender spa treatments to pamper your body, hands and feet…

5 At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Treatments For When You Really Need To Chill

When last have you taken the time for an aromatherapy lavender spa day? You’ve had a hectic week, your stress levels have gone through the roof, and you really, really need some downtime and a little pampering to recharge your batteries. You would do anything for a relaxing body scrub massage – or even a little foot rub. And if you could just relieve that neck tension and get rid of all those knots in your shoulders, even better…

Turns out it’s a lot simpler than you think. And you don’t even need to book an appointment at a spa. You just have to bring the spa experience home reap the lavender aromatherapy benefits. Combining a few  luxury spa products and DIY spa treatments with the relaxing magic aromatherapy lavender will turn your home into a self-pampering home spa heaven…


In a world where so many of us are primed to pop a pill when we a have a headache, are anxious, or can’t sleep, using a natural remedy like lavender aromatherapy feels a little foreign – and frankly – something your grandmother used to do.

But maybe the reason aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years and is now rapidly growing in popularity is because it actually works.

The science behind lavender aromatherapy is fascinating.

The benefits of lavender oil aromatherapy can be endless. Just one sniff of lavender essential oil has the ability to quickly and profoundly affect your physical and emotional state immediately. Within seconds, it activates the immune system, lowers stress levels and blood pressure, helps sleep, arouses emotions, reduces anxiety and depression, and influences mood. Pretty powerful stuff…

Dried Lavender Sachets, Candles and Spray Mist


Within milliseconds of inhaling lavender essential oil, the aroma molecules have stimulated the olfactory system which then sends a message to the limbic system – that houses the emotional center of the brain. Mood enhancers and depression busters like serotonin and endorphins get released. Immediately, you will feel less stress, be more relaxed and be able to sleep better.

Applying to the skin is another popular way of using lavender aromatherapy oil. It has a low molecular weight and is fat soluble, which not only means it easily penetrates but also provides healing benefits to the skin itself. When applied topically, it’s rapidly absorbed – it takes a mere 20 minutes for the oil to affect every cell in the body. And you’re obviously also getting the benefits of inhaling the scent at the same time.

Lavender Oil Aromatherapy Benefits

What exactly is the aromatherapy lavender oil benefits? In addition to reducing stress and helping you sleep better, lavender essential oil’s powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties make it a proven pain-reliever - especially when it comes to easing joint and muscular pain, alleviating headaches and menstrual cramps. And as a natural antioxidant, lavender aromatherapy helps slow aging by revitalizing and nourishing the skin and promoting hair and scalp health.

Because of its many benefits, it’s no wonder that lavender essential oil is widely used in spas as part of the many aromatherapy treatments they offer. The good news is that it’s lavender essential oil aromatherapy is actually very easy to DIY these spa treatments at home…

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We all need – and love – a little bit of pampering. However, the increasingly fast pace of our lives often does not allow some time out at your favorite spa. But with just a few luxury spa products and sometimes, a willing partner or friend, you can experience a number of lavender aromatherapy spa treatments at home – including a relaxing back massage, a treatment to relieve neck pain and tension, an exfoliating body scrub, and either a hand or foot massage treatment.

It's never been easier to put together an indulgent at home spa pampering session to bring a whole new meaning to self-care Sunday….

Just be sure to choose the best home spa products from a reputable supplier to guarantee you’re getting 100% pure lavender essential oil. Many products include a synthetic lavender scent which will not provide any aromatherapy benefits.

1. Lavender Aromatherapy Neck Pain And Tension Home Spa Treatment

Treatment Benefits: Eases stress, anxiety and tension, reduces arthritis and neck pain, stimulates blood flow, relaxes the body and mind

Lavender Spa Products Needed: Lavender spa neck pillow, lavender candle, lavender spray mist.

DIY Spa Neck Treatment Step by Step:

Warm the lavender neck pillow in the microwave as per instructions. Create a relaxing environment by lighting a lavender candle and spritzing some lavender spray mist. Place the warmed lavender neck pillow around your neck and feel the pain and tension ease away. Breathe, relax and enjoy.

At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Warm Neck Pillow Treatment

2. Lavender Aromatherapy Body Glow Salt Scrub Home Spa Treatment

Treatment Benefits: Exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates skin tone, regenerates skin cell growth, revitalizes glow, leaves skin soft and smooth

Lavender Spa Products Needed: Lavender shower gel, lavender salt scrub, lavender body lotion, lavender spa blankie

DIY Spa Salt Scrub Treatment Step by Step:

Start by cleansing with a luxurious lavender cleansing gel in a warm shower. Take a scoop of lavender salt scrub and gently scrub your skin focussing on dry parts like feet and elbows. Rinse off and towel dry.

Smooth on a hydrating lavender body lotion. Warm a lavender spa blankie in the microwave, drape over your shoulders and sit back, breathe and relax.

At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Treatments Body Salt Glow

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3. Lavender Aromatherapy Sore Feet Home Spa Treatment

Treatment Benefits: Eases and helps relieve foot pain, reduces stress and anxiety, exfoliates dead skin cells, softens and moisturizes feet.

Lavender Aromatherapy Products Needed: Lavender shower gel, lavender salt scrub, lavender foot balm, lavender spa booties

DIY Spa Foot Treatment Step by Step:

Soak feet in a small bowl of warm water and some lavender shower gel for about a minute. Rub in a little lavender salt scrub on both feet, focussing on dry spots like heels and toes. Rinse and dry off.

Layer on some lavender foot balm and gently massage in for about 3-5 minutes. Place plastic bags over your feet. Slip on lavender booties warmed in the microwave, and leave for 3 minutes.

At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Happy Feet Treatment

4. Lavender Aromatherapy Relaxing Home Massage Home Spa Treatment

Treatment Benefits: Reduces stress, anxiety and tension, eases pain and stiffness, stimulates blood flow, relaxes and soothes body and mind

Lavender Spa Products Needed: Lavender spa blankie, lavender essential oil, lavender massage oil, lavender spray mist

DIY Spa Massage Treatment Step by Step:

Warm a lavender spa blankie in the microwave. Lie face down on bed and place heated blankie vertically on your back for a few minutes. Have the person doing the massage place a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on their hands and rub together. Gently place hands on the neck and shoulders and breathe in deeply.

Place the lavender blankie horizontally across the lower back. Rub some lavender massage oil into your hands, and start with the neck and shoulders moving onto the mid back. Move the blankie up to cover the shoulders and mid back, and continue to massage the lower back.

Finally, again move the blankie vertically, and continue the massage on the arms and legs. Spray lavender mist to awaken.

At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Romance Massage

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5. Lavender Aromatherapy Painful And Dry Hands Home Spa Treatment

Treatment Benefits: Eases stress and anxiety, relieves arthritic pain and stiffness, mineralises and moisturises, stimulates and improves skin tone, relaxes and soothes body and mind

Lavender Spa Products Needed: Lavender shower gel, lavender salt scrub, lavender hand crème, lavender spa mittens

DIY Spa Hand Treatment Step by Step:

Soak hands in a bowl of warm water with a little lavender shower gel for 1 minute. Apply some lavender salt scrub onto the palms and back of hands, and gently scrub into the skin focussing on dry spots. Rinse off and dry.

Apply lavender hand crème massaging into each hand for 3-5 minutes. Place plastic bag over hands. Slip on lavender mittens warmed in the microwave and leave for 3 minutes. Remove mittens and work the rest of the hand crème well into the hands.

At Home Spa Lavender Aromatherapy Hand Treatment


Please check with your doctor before using essential oils to treat any medical concerns.

Although lavender is one of the gentlest essential oils, please use caution when applying directly on the skin because this can cause irritation. Be sure to patch test on the inside of your forearm for 24 hours beforehand.

There's a difference between an ‘essential oil’ and simply an oil, which is basically a perfume. If a label does not clearly state that it is '100% essential oil', then '100% essential oil', it is not a pure oil and should not be used as suggested.

Whether you feel like an aromatherapy lavender spa or lavender medical spa, shop our exclusive range of lavender products today!