Timber Lake Tyrolean Spa

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Warm briefly in the dryer or microwave for heat treatment or freeze for cold therapy

Warm, don’t cook! Microwave 30 seconds for small items, a minute or two for larger wraps. Item becomes warmer as it’s worn.
Timber Lake Tyrolean Spa Neck Pillow, Spa Mask, Heat Wrap

Neck Pillow, Spa Mask, Heat Wrap

Neck Pillow

Fits perfectly around neck and shoulders to ease muscle tension. 20x20" TL0065

Spa Mask

Place over forehead and eyes for deep relaxation. TL0066

Heat Wrap

Relieves aches and pains where they occur: lower back, mid-back, or a pulled muscle. 26" TL0064

Timber Lake Tyorlean Spa Blankie

Tyorlean Spa Blankie

Timber Lake Tyrolean Spa Booties, Footies

Tyrolean Spa Booties, Footies

Heated Booties, Footies

One size fits most. Booties TL0063, Footies TL0062

For the ultimate softening and moisturizing treatment, apply lotion and pull on toasty booties or footies.

Spa Blankie

Wrap around your body like a shawl or use over back or front to soothe achy muscles. 18x45" TL0067 (Neck Roll not available)