Lavender Lilac Damask Spa

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The aromatherapy of lavender soothes jangled nerves while the weight and temperature of flaxseed helps heal strained muscles

All covers are cold-water washable. Organza bags are available for packaging.

Chill items in the freezer or warm in the dryer, microwave or towel warmer. Warm, don’t cook! Microwave 30 seconds for small items, a minute or two for larger wraps. Item becomes warmer as it’s worn.

Lilac Damask Spa Neckpillow, Heatwrap, Spa Mask

Lilac Damask Spa Neck Pillow, Heat Wrap, Spa Mask

Neck Pillow

Fits perfectly around neck and shoulders to ease muscle tension. 15x15" NS8012

Heat Wrap

Relieves aches and pains where they occur — lower back, mid-back, shoulders — even an achy tummy or knee. 26x8" NS8011

Spa Mask

Place over forehead and eyes for deep relaxation. 9" NS8013

Lilac Damask Spa Blankie, Neck Roll

Lilac Damask Spa Blankie, Neck Roll

Spa Blankie

Wrap around your body like a shawl or use over back or front for a toasty treat. A luxurious 45" long and 18" wide. NS8014

Neck Roll

Heat or chill and use under the neck or small of the back for relaxation. 13x6" NS8015

Lilac Damask Spa Booties, Mittens, Footies

Lilac Damask Spa Booties, Mittens, Footies

Heated Booties, Mittens, Footies

One size fits most. Booties NS8010, Mittens NS0008, Footies NS8009

For sore, overused feet and hands, nothing soothes like heat and lavender. Apply lavender foot balm or hand cream and pull on toasty booties, mittens or footies.